Scouting news for your eyes, ears

What’s the best
way to keep up with Scouting news, information, and tips on the go?

That’s easy.
Load the BSA’s official podcasts, audio or video files that you can download to
listen to or watch, into your MP3 player. The term is derived from the words
“iPod” and “broadcast,” but you don’t need an iPod to view or listen to a

Best of all,
they’re free. And most are updated regularly to keep you on top of the latest
news about a subject that matters to you. In this case, Scouting.

To start, check
Scoutcast, one of many great features on the newly redesigned It’s a one-stop shop
for all Scouting podcasts.

Listen to or
watch new or archived podcasts right on the site. Or, if you’re a tech-savvy
Scouter, you can find instructions on how to download them through iTunes or
similar applications. Then, just transfer them to a portable player and listen
in the car, on the train, or anywhere.

Check in and get
three podcasts:

Value of Scouting—a monthly photo essay of Scouts and
Scouters making America better. A recent episode highlights Anthony Thomas, the
2 millionth Eagle Scout.

Cubcast—a monthly podcast for Cub Scout leaders that plugs you into
valuable info and helpful tips on each month’s program theme. Right now you can
hear all about July’s theme, “Be a Sport.”

CommissionerCast—great insights from Tico Perez, the BSA’s national

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