10 tips for helping Scouts balance fun and advancement at summer camp

At summer camp, what’s more important for Scouts, advancement or fun?

Trick question. Scouts who attend the best summer camps and have effective Scout leaders guiding them don’t have to choose.

For these Scouts, advancement is part of the fun.

That said, there are always Scouts who take it to the extreme. There are the overachievers, who cram their schedule with merit badge classes and don’t leave any time to visit the waterfront, horse around with friends, or relax.

And then there are Scouts who do exactly the opposite, choosing to wander around the camp all week or just stay in their campsite and play cards.

Part of the responsibility for maximizing a boy’s time at summer camp falls on you, the Scout leader. With that in mind, here are 10 ways you can maximize both fun and advancement at summer camp this year. They come courtesy of our Facebook friends. Continue reading


Photo Fridays: Great Moments at Summer Camp (39 photos)

To be honest, this week’s Photo Friday topic — Great Moments at Summer Camp — is a little redundant.

After all, it’s hard to find any moment at summer camp that isn’t great.

I speak from experience. I attended Camp Cherokee (now called Trevor Rees-Jones Scout Camp) with my troop six years in a row when I was a Scout. The location stayed the same each year, but the adventures, challenges, and excitement were fresh every time.

From the looks of the photos you sent me this week, it appears I’m not the only one who had a blast at summer camp.

That’s the concept behind this week’s edition of Photo Fridays, a feature highlighting real photos submitted by real Scouters. So far we’ve covered Cub Scout Fun, High Adventure, and Funny Moments.

Next week’s topic: “Scouters Can Have Fun, Too!” E-mail your best shots to me.

But first, enjoy these 39 photos!

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