Scouting magazine snags awards for design, writing, redesign

2010awardsWhen we debuted a completely redesigned Scouting magazine last summer, we wanted readers to notice the easier-to-use design and more accessible content.

A year later, we're happy to learn that readers weren't the only ones who noticed our new look. 

Scouting magazine was recognized with seven awards in a variety of categories. If you don't mind us tooting our own horn for a second, here's a look at the winners:

Association of Educational Publishers Distinguished Achievement Awards

"Fat Chance," the eye-opening story about obesity in our September-October issue, won two awards: Article Design and Feature Article. You can read the story, written by Mary Jacobs, on our Web site. But to see the design in its original form, you'll want to find your September-October 2009 issue and turn to Page 45.

We also won the award for Most Improved in recognition of our cover-to-cover redesign.

Association Media and Publishing Excel Awards

Scouting magazine picked up Gold awards for Most Improved: Whole Magazine and Feature Story Design for "Fat Chance." We were also honored with a Silver award for General Excellence among magazines with a circulation over 100,000.

Western Publishing Association Maggie Awards

At this ceremony, we won for Best Special Interest/Trade publication.

Congratulations to the entire Scouting magazine editorial, design, photography, and production team for their hard work that led to these awards.

March-April Where Am I? winner announced


After the tough January-February version of "Where Am I?", the March-April challenge was a walk in the park.

Readers agreed. We received 319 correct answers—almost double the number from the previous issue. Let's go over the clues:

  • We told you the waterfall shown above was from a national park, which narrowed it down to the 58 U.S. national parks.
  • We included the waterfall's height (60 feet) and the type of rock found there (sandstone).
  • Finally, we mentioned the trail that loops around the falls and the "vernal pools that draw breeding salamanders."

Those clues guided many readers to the right answer: Brandywine Falls at Cuyahoga Valley National Park south of Cleveland.

We took the 319 correct responses and used a random number generator to find our winner: Linda Wurstner, a troop committee member in Helena, Ala.

Linda gets a $100 gift card to the BSA's Supply Group, which she tells Scouting magazine will be used for supplies for her son's troop. Congratulations, Linda!

There's no "Where Am I?" contest in our May-June issue, but look for a new challenge—and a new chance at a $100 gift card—in our September-October issue.

January-February Where Am I? winner announced


The January-February edition of our popular “Where Am I?” reader
contest turned out to be the toughest yet.

It’s our own fault. All the facts about the mystery location
were true, but some of them might have thrown you off the scent.

Let’s review: You probably recognized New York City right
away. It was hard to miss the taxis in the photo—and our mentions of Broadway,
pizza, and a hotdog stand. But identifying one building among the Big Apple’s
sea of skyscrapers? That’s not easy.

To help you find this needle in a haystack, we gave you
these clues:

  • “I toy with the
  • “…[an old] photograph [of the building] was probably a
    century old…”
  • “I find a bench at the park across the street and try to iron out the details…”

The first clue references the building’s current inhabitant:
the International Toy Center. The last clue, “iron out the details,” plays on the
building’s location in the Flatiron District of Manhattan (several of you
picked up on those right away).

Hundreds of readers put the pieces together and came up with
the correct address: 200 Fifth Avenue
in New York City. But merely telling us the building’s address wasn’t enough.
We wanted to know what makes the building noteworthy.

Of the 1,000 answers we received, only 128 correctly
identified 200 Fifth Avenue as the original
headquarters of the Boy Scouts of America
. The “Where Am I?” location
seemed a fitting selection to commemorate the BSA’s 100th Anniversary.

We assigned a number to each of those 128 right answers, and
then we used a random-number generator to select our winner: answer No. 6,
belonging to George Colflesh of
Troop 7 in Colorado Springs, Colo.

George will receive a $100 gift card to the BSA’s Supply
Group. Congratulations!

If you didn’t win this time, try again with our March-April
“Where Am I?” contest
. You have until April 23 to send us your
thought. Good luck!

November-December Where Am I? winner announced


When you opened up the November-December Scouting to page 42 and saw the photo
for our “Where Am I?” reader contest, did you recognize the inverted boot
kicking its way toward the Texas sky?

We received more than 700 responses, but only 133 of them
correctly told us the location: Boot Canyon in Big Bend National Park (we also
accepted nearby “Boot Spring”).

From those correct entries, we used a random number
generator to pick the winner: assistant Scoutmaster Gregory Schadt, response No. 36, of Troop 380 in Arlington, Tex.

Gregory told us that he had hiked Boot Springs Trail in 1975
to hear and see birds native to the area. Twenty-five years later, his memory
of the location paid off.

As our winner, Gregory earned a $100 gift card to the BSA
Supply Group. He can use that to stock up Scouting gear for a repeat trip to
Big Bend—or wherever life’s adventure takes him. Congratulations, Gregory!

Do you want a $100 gift card of your very own? Enter the
January-February edition of our contest. Just click here and give it a try.

Face-to-face with Scouting’s community

N-DCover Connect with like-minded Scouting
magazine readers from across the country—easier than ever before. Check us out
now on Facebook!

Click here to find Scouting's new Facebook
page, and become a fan today. If you aren't already one of the 300 million
active Facebook users, you're missing out on the hottest, easiest, and
most-exciting way to connect with Scouters from around the world.

Facebook also offers a great way to give feedback directly to Scouting magazine's
editors. Here are just a few ways you can use our new Facebook page:

  • Post exciting photos from your recent Scouting trip to our wall for
    other volunteers to see.

  • Comment on Scouting magazine stories to provide insight and perspective
    about BSA-related subjects.

  • Participate in discussions about topics affecting your unit. Or start
    your own discussion to get feedback from others.

We will empower Scouting magazine's community of readers, with you helping us
enhance your pack, troop, or crew!

September-October “Where Am I?” winner announced


We asked, and you responded big time.

After presenting Scouting magazine readers with a mystery location, complete with a photo and description, we asked a simple question: "Where Am I?" The feature appeared in our September-October issue. (If you missed it, you can read it here.)

An impressive 577 of you knew that the correct answer was the Cimarroncito Reservoir at Philmont Scout Ranch. We took those 577 answers, gave each a number, and then used a random number generator to come up with the winner: correct answer No. 151. That number belonged to Jim Weeden, a committee chairman with Troop 80 in the Mecklenburg (N.C.) County Council. 

Along with the glory of winning, Weeden receives a $100 gift card to the BSA Supply Division, which he can use at his local Scout Shop or at Congratulations!

If you're interested in giving our "Where Am I?" reader contest a try, check out the November-December edition of the quiz here. You have until Jan. 4, 2010, to submit your answer. Good luck!

Cracker Barrel heads to Philmont

PhilmontTrainingCenter OK, prepare to be jealous after we tell you this: Cracker Barrel will be spending all of next week at Philmont Scout Ranch.

We're heading to the 2009 National Outdoor Adventure Summit, an outdoor forum for professional and volunteer Scouters. We'll learn about programs, techniques, and equipment that can make Scouting better for youths and adults.

Even though we'll be on the road, we'll still be posting to the blog and providing you with regular updates on our Twitter account. If you have anything you'd like us to keep an eye out for while we're there, e-mail us.

Deadline is here for Scouting magazine photo contest


You say you haven’t yet put away all the gear from your
troop’s weeklong backpacking, canoeing, or camping trip? No big deal. But
there’s one item you simply must not wait to unpack: your camera.

Why? Tomorrow is the deadline to enter Scouting magazine’s Celebrate the Adventure photo contest. Dig out
that camera now and send us your favorite photographs from any Cub Scout, Boy
Scout, Varsity Scout, or Venturing adventure.

First, check out this quick reminder about the rules:

-       You
must be a registered BSA adult member to participate.

-       You’re
allowed three total entries.

-       Send
your photos as compressed JPEGs. Each file must be between 750KB and 1MB.

-       If
we select your photo, we’ll need the uncompressed image of at least 9MB, so
hang onto your original files.

-       Entries
become the property of Scouting
magazine and must be your own original work.

What’s in it for you? Well, you’ll get your photos published
in our magazine, which is read by 1.2 million Scouters nationwide. Also,
winners receive BSA Supply Group gift cards:

-       $400,
grand prize

-       $300,
first place

-       $200,
second place

-       $100,
third place

-       $25,
honorable mention

It’s too late to mail us prints. But, hey, this is the 21st
century. There’s still time to submit your entries online by clicking here.

Good luck! Check out the winners in our March-April 2010

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News of Scouting magazine redesign hits the Internet


While you’ve been busy taking your troop to summer camp,
preparing for next year’s jamboree, or getting Cub Scouts ready for an exciting
program year, we’ve been kinda busy ourselves.

What has occupied our time? Oh, just a complete redesign of Scouting magazine.

That’s right. When you pick up the September-October issue
of the publication (seen at left), you’re going to notice a cover-to-cover makeover of the top
resource for Scouting leaders.

We don’t want to give away all of the exciting changes
you’ll see when Scouting hits your
mailbox at the end of August, but expect to find 84 pages of valuable
information to help you better lead your pack, troop, or crew. And expect that
content delivered in a slicker, easier-to-use package.

Hungry for more details? Here’s a link to a
press announcement that should whet your appetite. But be warned: Reading it
may make you want late August to show up even sooner.