Scouts prep community garden, plus other positive Scouting stories from this week

A photo of a variety of healthy vegetables

When a local food pantry needed help preparing a garden bed for growing vegetables, they knew just who to call.

Scouts BSA Troop 38, along with other volunteers from the community, showed up at the plot in Southport, N.C., to do the dirty work in making the grounds suitable for growing food. The rest is easy: The food pantry will use the garden to supply fresh vegetables for underserved families.

“In the old folk story of stone soup, villagers who were experiencing a famine learned that by working together with what they had, they could make a huge pot of soup to feed their hungry families,” says one of the pantry’s chairs. “The food pantry currently serves about 200 families per month, so by working together we can provide some fresh vegetables for them to enjoy.”

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Cub Scouts race Pinewood Derby cars in shopping mall

A Pinewood Derby race recently attracted a lot of attention at a busy Chicago shopping mall. Learn more in the video below from WGN News.

Fire department hosts Scout campout

The fire department of Pleasant Gap, Pa., recently invited 10 Scouts BSA troops to camp on their property and spent the weekend educating the Scouts on how they provide emergency services to the community.

“As many are aware, emergency services have a lack of volunteerism right now, and this could very well help those agencies gain some new members,” says the camporee director.

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