Enjoy this video tribute to the first five years of young women in Scouts BSA

A photo of four young Scout BSA members

Ron Fleming’s story is one that will sound familiar to many of us.

“My oldest son had gotten into Cub Scouts,” says Fleming, a committee chair for two Scouts BSA troops in the Cascade Pacific Council. “He was having a lot of fun. My daughter’s like, ‘Hey Dad, I want to do something like that.’”

Karissa Thompson’s story might ring a bell, too.

“I’ve been Scouting since I was a little girl,” says Karissa Thompson, a senior patrol leader in her Scouts BSA troop. “My dad was the Cubmaster, and my brothers were Cub Scouts as well. I would just tag along with them.”

Fleming and Karissa are just two of the BSA members featured in this high-quality, 12-minute video produced by the Cascade Pacific Council marketing team. It nicely recaps the first five years of young women in Scouts BSA, while also looking forward to a bright future.

A look back, a look ahead

The video goes on to remind viewers how girls were first welcomed into Scouts BSA.

“Boys in Scouting stay in an all-boy troop,” says the narrator, whose voice might be familiar to longtime readers of this blog. “New troops are being formed for girls. So girls lead their troops, and boys lead their troops.”

“I like having a boys troop and a (linked) girls troop,” says Thomas Conrad, Scoutmaster of Troop 33. “It’s a lot easier on families like mine. It’s nice to know the whole family can be involved.”

The video goes on to show Scouts in action at summer camp, winter camp, and everything in between.

“When I heard that girls were allowed, I was ecstatic,” says one young Scouts BSA member. “Ever since then, there’s been so many good leadership opportunities, so much fun, and so much learning.”

The video goes on to show Scouts BSA members of both genders doing the things that Scouts BSA members do: horseback riding, hiking, whitewater rafting, caving, wilderness survival, target sports … and much, much more.

It offers a refreshing look back and, at the same time, an inspiring look ahead.

“You have to be able to lead people that you don’t know well,” says one young woman who’s just taken National Youth Leadership Training. “You have to work with them the way they need you to work with them.”

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