Worth reading: Young woman extols virtues of Scouting in article for teen website


The Teen Mag, a website written for teenagers by teenagers about all things related to being a teenager, covers topics such as pop culture, music, books, beauty and food.

Recently, the site also covered one young woman’s experience as a member of Scouts BSA.

Kelly Halliburton, a Life Scout from Santa Ana, California, wrote glowingly about her time as a member of Scouts BSA in one of the nearly 30 articles she has published to the site.

“As a female Life Scout, my experience with Scouts BSA has offered new perspectives on modern life, including how effective communication and leadership shape today’s communities,” Kelly writes. “These valuable lessons can guide teenagers to practice healthy habits and observe the world around them.”

Click here to read the entire story, and read below for my favorite parts.

“10 Lessons I’ve Learned”

Kelly’s well-written essay goes on to highlight 10 things she’s learned as a member of Scouts BSA.

Among them:

“Hard work starts with easy steps: It’s no secret that hard work is essential to reach your goals. Unfortunately, people often overlook that discipline spreads over continuous, small actions.”

“A community loves a helping hand: Every community needs support, whether in a small town or a bustling city. … Search for volunteer opportunities in your local region. Support is always welcome and in demand.”

“New places are milestones: Consider each place that you traveled to be a milestone in your life.”

“You are always making progress: Even when you don’t notice it, each day is a step toward a new direction.”

“Fun and collaborative”

It’s pretty inspiring to see how the Scouting program has resonated with Kelly.

In one section of her article, she notes how the program helps young people develop an appreciation for the outdoors.

“Scouts understand their roles in protecting local campgrounds and habitats. They have learned that appreciating the outdoors strengthens character.”

In another, she writes about her experience advancing through the ranks of Scouts BSA.

“Working with others while engaging in activities makes learning fun and collaborative. Scouting provides opportunities to meet like-minded individuals, encouraging them to use their passions to fulfill their future.”

And maybe the best part? Kelly concludes her article by noting how the lessons of Scouting last long after you turn 18.

“Experiences such as camping outdoors and learning skills don’t have to end when you turn 18. You can foster your old memories to create new ones that resemble your passions. Use what you previously enjoyed to discover what you seek in the future.”

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