Scouts BSA members combine efforts to honor fallen K-9s and more inspiring news from this week

Illustration of a K-9 police dog
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The K-9s who assist the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office play a valuable role for the officers they serve. Thanks to three Scouts BSA members, the officers now have a proper way to recognize the K-9s after they’ve retired.

Three members of Troop 422 in Port Saint Lucie, Florida, combined to create a memorial for the dogs.

“It’s important because we owe these dogs a debt of gratitude and recognition for all the service they provide, all the work they do,” says Sgt. Shawn Masters, a K-9 handler. “They go out every night, without fail, to protect their handlers, protect other deputies that are working to take evil off the streets.”

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Blue Ridge Council celebrates 100 years of service

South Carolina’s Blue Ridge Council opened its doors in 1923 — and hasn’t stopped serving the youth in its community since.

“The mission of scouting is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetime,” says Lee Dixon, president of the council’s board of directors. “We’ve been doing that for 100 years and we think it’s making a difference and an impact in our communities.”

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Missouri Eagle Scout turns focus to recruiting new Scouts

Alexander Lawyer, a 15-year-old Eagle Scout from Troop 216 in St. Joseph, Missouri, has many fond memories of his time in Scouting.

Now, he’s out to encourage other young people to join the program so they can have the same kind of experiences he did.

“I’ve come to this realization recently that as you get older in Scouts, it becomes less about what you want to do and how you have fun. It becomes more about, ‘How do I plan this so that people that are my age when I joined Scouts have a lot of fun right now,’” Lawyer says. “That’s kind of what I’ve more looked at for Scouts is, ‘How can I give back to this program that I love so much?’”

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