Scouts across the country honor victims of 9/11, plus other news from this week

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In La Crosse, Wisconsin, Scouts participated in a flag ceremony and took a moment to “reflect and look back onto what everybody sacrificed,” according to an article in the La Crosse Tribune.

One of the troop’s assistant Scoutmasters worked in a satellite office of the Pentagon at the time of the attack, according to this article from

After 22 years, she believes there’s a risk that the significance of the day starts to be forgotten.

She said teaching kids the history and expressing gratitude are the best ways to carry on the legacy of those who died.

“Take real time and effort, every day, every year to thank all of our public servants, to thank our first responders, to thank the firefighters, to thank our police departments, to thank our government workers, our military service people,” she said.

And for the second straight year, Scouts in Michigan gathered on the USS Edson to hold an all-day salute to those who lost their lives on that day.

“May we look at our military who rose up after 9/11, the many wounded and those that died. May we never forget the great sacrifice for that very freedom we have this day. This is our prayer on 9/11. May we remember, Lord God, all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice,” a speaker at the event said.

Scouts help elderly family repair home

When the City of Nampa, Idaho, issues code violations to families who might not be able to make the necessary repairs on their own, they go to the local Scouts for help.

A group of Scouts and adults spent a recent afternoon trimming trees, pulling weeds, replacing fence posts and performing other chores that will allow the family to keep their home.

Read more about the work done by Troop 116 in this story from channel 2 IdahoNews.

Eagle Scout candidate working to repair historical building

Ansel Goode has spent a lot of time at Wolfe’s Neck Center for Agriculture & the Environment. That’s why he has decided to dedicate his Eagle Scout service project to helping them out.

“I wanted to help an organization that has helped me in the past,” Goode says.

According to this article in The Times Record, Goode will lead a team that will repair a multiuse building by replacing its doors, siding and trim, and adding a deck to the entrance.

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