Maryland Scouts help save person from drowning, plus other good news from this week

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A Scouts BSA troop on a sailing expedition in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, answered a call from the Coast Guard — and ended up helping save someone’s life.

The group received a message over the radio from the Coast Guard advising all the boats in the water that there was an “individual in distress.” 

Soon, one of the Scouts saw something “shining in the distance” and the captain of the boat took them closer to the object. 

The object turned out to be an overturned jet ski. Thanks to the Scouts, the Coast Guard then knew where to look for its missing driver. They found him struggling in deep water 200 yards away.

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Virginia Scouts share outdoor skills with non-Scout campers

Kids participating in a local youth summer program learned some valuable outdoor skills from their local Scouts BSA troop.

The Scouts taught the kids how to tie knots, build a fire, set up a tent and lash branches together to make a structure. The Scouts then helped the kids perform skits and treated them to deep-fried Oreos.

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Eagle Scout project uncovers previously unknown piece of community history

Hunter Felton, an Eagle Scout candidate from Massachusetts, was planning on restoring a town marker important to his community. It’s a large piece of stone bearing the name of the town’s first European settler.

After starting his project, however, he discovered that the marker actually extended much deeper into the ground than anyone knew. At some point, that part of the stone had become buried, and eventually forgotten.

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North Carolina siblings say Scout Oath inspired them to help with service project

When Isabella and Leonidas heard about the project their mother was working on with their school’s parent-teacher organization, they knew right away they had to help.

Isabella and Leonidas are both members of Pack 597, and it’s important to them to stick to the scout oath — “to help other people at all times.”

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