Now’s a good time to make sure your BeAScout pin is up to date

Find Scouting Near You image from the BeAScout homepage
The header image from the BeAScout home page tells you all you need to know about the purpose of the site.

There are lots of different ways to recruit new members to Scouting. One of the easiest and most valuable is to make sure your unit’s information is up to date at, the official BSA site that allows members of the public to find Scouting units near them.

The BeAScout website allows anyone to search for a Cub Scout pack, Scouts BSA troop, Venturing crew, Sea Scout ship or Exploring post by zip code. We call the search results “pins” because they’re displayed on a web page that looks like pins on a map.

Each pin represents a different Scouting unit, and when you click on a pin, you find contact information and sometimes even an online application that allows a member of the public to sign up for your unit right then and there.

There’s just one catch: You have to keep your unit’s information up to date; otherwise, people looking to join the BSA could be greeted by outdated email addresses and phone numbers.

The good news is, it’s easy to do. Here’s how.

Make sure your unit is on

Your unit’s BeAScout pin is managed through, through which your unit’s Key 3 volunteers have access to the pin settings. The Key 3 leaders are the unit leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Crew Advisor, etc.), committee chair and chartered organization representative.

Once you’ve logged in, click on the menu button in the top-left, then scroll down and click on your unit, then click on Organization Manager.

This will take you to your Organization Manager page, where you’ll see “Unit Pin” on the left side. Here is where you can check your unit’s pin for accuracy.

What should I look for?

First, you’ll want to make sure the option “Appear on BeAScout” is clicked to the on position.

There’s also an “Allow People to Apply Online” option that, when turned on, will allow families to apply online to join your unit. No paper application needed.

Second, you’ll want to make sure the contact information for your unit is up to date. You can include an email address, phone number and street address of your meeting location.

Third, consider adding additional information about your Scout unit. Which days do you meet? Does your unit have any specialty areas of interest?

A map showing Scouting units near the BSA National office
Scouting units show up in the BeAScout search results page as pins on a map.

Who should the unit contact person be?

The primary BeAScout unit contact person can be anyone you choose. It does not have to be the unit leader, though it could be.

It could be an adult who’s volunteered to hold a title such as “recruiting coordinator,” “new member coordinator” or “outreach coordinator.”

The important thing is that whoever it is responds timely to queries from the public. The kind of questions you’re going to get could range from “My daughter is in second grade; which night will she meet?” to “Do your Scouts go camping?”

No matter the question, the designated contact person should Be Prepared to respond on a timely basis.

If someone fills out an application online, you’ll be notified and given the chance to reach out to the new family to welcome them to your unit. I wouldn’t automatically expect a brand-new family to know the ins and outs of Scouting. Reach out to them directly to welcome them to your unit and let them know that you’re available to answer any questions.

Note that the BeAScout system sends out certain automatic emails when a person registers for Scouting online. These emails are great, but they can’t replace a nice, warm, friendly welcome email from an actual person.

What if the system doesn’t give me the option to change my BeAScout pin information?

That likely means you aren’t officially registered as a Key 3 leader of your unit. Only officially registered Key 3 leaders can change your unit’s BeAScout pin. If you’re a Key 3 member of your unit and you don’t see the option to change or update your pin, contact your local council to make sure you’re officially registered in the proper leadership position.

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