Scouts help install K-9 training facility, plus other good news from this week

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The Oak Park Heights state prison in Minnesota has always used K-9s but had to travel far away — sometimes out of state — to train them.

Local Scouts BSA members recently helped install a training facility right there on the property, making it much easier to train the dogs and help them develop a positive relationship with their handlers.

“The Scouts saw the need and played a huge role in making the training facility happen,” says WCCO News reporter Beret Leone, “from gathering donated materials to building the course itself.”

Learn more about their efforts in this story on the WCCO website.

Chester County Council Cub Scouts earn Supernova award

A visit to a nature center, a series of science experiments and a tour of a real-life science laboratory was part of a 7-month program that earned the Supernova award for nine members of Hopewell Pack 8 in Downingtown, Pennsylvania.

Outside of group activities, each Scout had to research four to six scientists. Among the favorites were Einstein, Edison, Newton, Lovelace, and Curie. The Scouts also had to conduct individual research at home related to geometry, accounting, practical skills like keeping track of daily activities.

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Texas Scouts hosting cleanup event after flooding

The City of Amarillo, Texas, recently asked community members to help clean after recent heavy rains and flooding. As floodwaters recede, local lakes are filling with more and more trash and debris.

The BSA’s Golden Spread Council is one of the community organizations spearheading the efforts.

Scouts gathered last weekend and will return this weekend to help clean Medi Park, one of the areas hardest hit by the flooding.

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Montana Scouts learn all about aviation during visit to local airport

Scouts BSA Troop 212 operated a flight simulator and learned about different aviation careers during a recent visit to their local airport.

The Scouts were then able to put what they learned into practice both on the ground, in the form of a pre-flight checklist, and thousands of feet above the ground by reading aeronautical charts and flight instruments.

Learn more in this story from KPAX 8 in Montana.

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