New this week: Tune into #TroopTalkLive for answers to all your Scouts BSA questions

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Maybe you’re a veteran Scouts BSA leader or parent who knows the program from top to bottom. Or maybe you’re a newbie with tons of questions. Either way, #TroopTalkLive is for you.

Debuting this Wednesday at 2 p.m. Central, the BSA’s official monthly Scouts BSA-focused Facebook livestream features expert guests and insiders who share their experiences, advice and the occasional behind-the-scenes look at the Scouts BSA program.

The same team that brings you #CubChatLive will bring in the experts who can answer your questions … live!

This week, we discuss the BSA’s merit badge program. What’s the point of earning a merit badge? Can requirements ever be changed or added to? What about a Scout who is differently abled?

Watch #TroopTalkLive on the second Wednesday of each month at 2 p.m. Central on Facebook Live or YouTube. We’ll share useful tips, tricks and ideas to help your Scouts BSA troop.

Expert advice

Future topics include youth training options: We emphasize letting the Scouts lead … but how do we set them up for success? What resources are available to teach youth how to be better leaders? How does a new troop’s youth leadership get started?

We’ll also talk about the concept of the BSA uniform as a method. Why do we wear uniforms? Can uniforms be required? In what ways are youth allowed to personalize their uniform? And, how can we make sure everyone in the troop has access to a uniform?

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Why #TroopTalkLive?

The goal of #TroopTalkLive is to help give you, the Scouts BSA leader or parent, new tools and ideas to take back to your troop and to talk about new things happening in the Scouts BSA program.

“BSA National is a huge network of volunteers and participants with a small team of very wonderful, patient, and dedicated employees supporting them,” says Angelique Minett, communications chair of the Scouts BSA program. “As you can imagine, communication with all these moving parts is complex. We on the Scouts BSA program committee are seeking to create more ways for us to communicate effectively.

“We’re excited to be offering #TroopTalkLive as part of these efforts.”

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