Tips for preparing your Cub Scout for a Raingutter Regatta

Many packs set up tracks for Cub Scouts to race wooden cars that they and their parents created.

Cub Scouts not only compete in the Pinewood Derby, but some also do the Raingutter Regatta. Does your pack host a Raingutter Regatta?

To help parents and Cub Scouts get ready for this fun-fueled boat racing event, the Scout Shop has curated a quick list of five helpful tips to craft a winning sailboat:

1. Use the official Raingutter Regatta racing kit.
2. Practice blowing the sails.
3. Make sure your boat doesn’t break the rules.
4. Don’t use water-based paints.
5. Make sure you have fun.

You can read a breakdown on each of these tips here.

If you want instructions on building a boat, see this page from Scout Life magazine.

Here, we’re going to look at point No. 2. In the Raingutter Regatta, sailboats are raced down a length of water-filled rain gutters, powered by the Cub Scout blowing into the sail through a soda straw. 

Each Cub Scout races in several heats, and the fastest time determines the winner. The best technique for winning is focusing on a small, concentrated area. But keep close watch over your Cub Scouts so they don’t lose their breath! 

Coach your Cub Scout on testing his or her sailboat at a pond or pool before the race, concentrating on the airflow or taking deep breaths to maximize air output. 

If you want to practice in the backyard or host a race any time of year, you can purchase a Raingutter Regatta Inflatable Raceway from the Scout Shop. It’s great for the official Raingutter Regatta, but you can have this raceway ready in just five minutes to create some instant fun anytime and anywhere.