Why funding your fun with a BSA-licensed popcorn seller is the way to go

The BSA is proud to announce that it has renewed its licensing agreements with its three biggest popcorn suppliers, meaning that Scout units across the country will continue to have the opportunity to raise funds with some of the organization’s most trusted partners.

All three partners — Trail’s EndPecatonica River Popcorn and Camp Masters — have a long, proud history with the BSA. They are the only companies authorized by the National Council to produce popcorn nationally for the purpose of fundraising.

“Councils and units who work with officially licensed suppliers can know that these companies are contractually committed to working under the brand and product safety requirements that the BSA has established,” says Greg Winters, the BSA’s head of licensing. “These popcorn companies have been working with our councils for many, many years and we are thrilled to continue our long-lasting partnership.”

Your local council has already selected the popcorn supplier it prefers to use for its units. If you aren’t selling popcorn already, now is the time. Contact your local council to get everything you need to get started fundraising in time for the fall.

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The advantages of using a BSA licensed popcorn partner

Since 1980, BSA members have sold popcorn to offset the costs of experiences such as day camps, summer camps, high-adventure camps and exciting activities at the unit level. Scouts can even sell popcorn to pay for a trip to the National Scout Jamboree or a trip overseas.

One Scout used popcorn sales to fund his way to Antarctica last December. Another group of top-selling Scouts paid their way to visit Kandersteg International Scout Centre in Switzerland this summer, all by selling popcorn.

Not only does selling popcorn through a licensed BSA supplier result in a higher percentage of the commission being returned to your local council, it has consistently proven to be the best method for Scouts to raise the money they need to fund an entire year of programming.

The smartest way to sell popcorn as a fundraising tool for your unit is to follow the guidance of your local council. That way, you’re guaranteed to be partnered up with an authorized, licensed supplier, which helps support the brand, and Scouting itself.

Popcorn sales helps your council fund camp scholarships, maintain and improve camp properties, and provide quality programs for Scouts. Scouting families benefit by funding the cost of Scouting activities. Unit leaders benefit by having more youth participating in the program. And your community benefits by retaining more youth in the program.

The process of selling popcorn also teaches skills that Scouts can take with them into adulthood, like decision making, money management, goal setting, business ethics, entrepreneurship and people skills.

Requirements for the Salesmanship, Personal Management and Communication merit badges can also be earned by selling popcorn.

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Always use a licensed supplier

Units should not engage in other product fundraising opportunities without consulting their local council first. Only official BSA licensees are allowed to use the BSA names, words, phrases, logos, emblems or other designating marks on their products, marketing materials and sell sheets.

All fundraising projects need to be approved by your local council service center by turning in a money-earning application form.

“Any manufacturer that puts any of the BSA brands on products needs to have permission from the National Council to do so,” says Winters.

Companies interested in exploring licensing opportunities with the BSA can learn more at the official BSA licensing website.

Whenever you’re looking for something to show off your BSA pride, always shop for official products either at your local Scout Shop, scoutshop.org or from an official BSA licensee.

The Boy Scouts of America has been licensing its marks, words and phrases since 1921. To protect the name and values of the BSA, as well as the many reputable companies already licensed with us, only companies that can exhibit a commitment to the BSA brand, have established production and distribution capabilities and/or offer a new or unique product are granted the opportunity to obtain a BSA license.

Click here for a list of current BSA licensees.

Click here to submit a BSA license application request.

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