Use Mickman Brothers Christmas wreath fundraisers to finance your Scout unit’s adventures!

Mickman Brothers has worked with Scout units for nearly 50 years to achieve their fundraising goals. The fresh holiday evergreens offered are easy to sell because these products are items most families purchase each year to decorate their homes for the holidays.

Over the decades, Scout units have utilized the well-organized fundraising programs Mickman Brothers offers to finance their adventures throughout the country. They offer two popular fundraising programs:

Troop 379 on an adventure paid for with earnings from their Christmas wreath fundraiser.

The Traditional Program and Online Fundraising Program

Using the Traditional Program, Scouts and unit leaders sell Christmas wreaths and other holiday evergreens locally in September and October. Final orders are then submitted in early November and the products arrive during a week each Scout unit selects. The Scouts then pick up the products and distribute them to their customers.

The Online Fundraising Program at is an online store through which the Scout unit earns $8 for each item purchased. This dynamic fundraising website tracks the sales of each Scout and allows members to sell holiday evergreens throughout the country using emails and social media to reach out-of-town friends and family. Sales through this online fundraiser continue into November and early December – just when most families are ordering gifts for their out-of-town friends and families.

Using the Traditional and/or Online Fundraising Programs, each Scout unit can expect to earn significant profits; some units earn thousands of dollars in profits each year!

Chris and John Mickman on site at a forest they planted.

Supporting the environment

One of the reasons Mickman Brothers is a popular choice with Scouts is because the company understands conservation. The fresh evergreen boughs are harvested in a sustainable manner — by simply trimming the tips of the lower branches so the trees will continue to thrive in the forests.

In 2007, Mickman Brothers founded their Million Tree Planting Program. Each year the company funds the planting of tens of thousands of tree seedlings in state and federal forests and parks. To date, over 800,000 have been planted in 49 states.

You and your customers can help the environment, too. Two sizes of tabletop Christmas trees are live spruce trees that can be planted after the holidays are over.

Every fresh beautiful product —wreaths, trees, centerpieces, garlands and door sprays — are adorned with festive decorations, including pinecones, jingle bells and ribbons.

For the wreaths and door sprays, customers have their choice of several different sizes and decorating styles: Classic, Victorian, Cranberry Splash and Wintergreen — all made from freshly harvested evergreen boughs. The indoor décor items such as tabletop trees and centerpieces, are perfect for adding that special touch inside the home.

Selling tips                                                   

Mickman Brothers understands that Scout leaders are volunteers. For this reason, they are committed to their mantra, “Maximizing your profit while minimizing your effort.”

Each leader is assigned to a professional fundraising coach who works hand-in-hand with the Scout unit throughout the fundraising season. Free sales aids, posters and other helpful brochures make it easy for the Scouts to achieve their individual sales goals – and the fundraising goals of their unit.

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