Your Scout can help shape the future of Scouts BSA within new youth council

Scouting teaches youth to be leaders, and that means learning to speak up and voice opinions. These skills are used immediately in guiding one’s patrol or troop. But for one group of Scouts, those skills will soon help in guiding the direction of the national Scouts BSA program.

The national Scouts BSA committee is seeking nominations of Scouts who’d like to share their perspectives on the program’s strengths and areas for growth. These Scouts will meet virtually once a month on Zoom to discuss the program’s future and provide feedback to the committee.

The 10-15 selected Scouts can expect a three-hour commitment each month, from January to May 2022. This includes work before, during and after the virtual meetings, which will be held from 7 to 9 p.m. ET on the second Sunday of every month. Scouts on this inaugural council are expected to attend at least four of the five meetings. There’s no cost to be part of the youth council, but Scouts must be nominated by a Scouting volunteer or professional.

Eligibility requirements

The nomination deadline for this council is Nov. 5. Complete this form to nominate a Scout; you can nominate more than one Scout.

For a Scout to be nominated, he or she must be:

  • A current member of the Scouts BSA program.
  • First Class rank or higher.
  • At least 14 years old (but not yet 18) during the entire council term (January 1, 2022, to May 31, 2022).
  • In a position of responsibility in a Scouts BSA troop, either current or recent.

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Check out more details from Scout Life’s recent TrekAt2 video:

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