Now all Scouting volunteers can catch the Fall Membership Kickoff event July 27 (no registration required!)

True to the ever-dedicated spirit of Scouting volunteers, the overwhelming interest in July 27’s Momentum ’21 Fall Membership Kickoff event broke the internet! Well … kind of.

This virtual conference is packed with so much vital knowledge and energy for the 2021 joining season, it’s no wonder our movement maxed out Zoom’s capacity. But with such an important message to share, we’re ensuring all volunteers can catch the conference.

If you registered to attend this conference via Zoom, great! You’re all set. But if you’ve yet to register, you can catch the same great lineup of professionals and volunteers poised to pump you up for our most important year of recruiting yet. Just RSVP to the event below and hop on Facebook on July 27 to watch the live show, streamed exclusively on the Scouting magazine Facebook page.


What is the Momentum ’21 Fall Membership Kickoff event?

This is the first-of-its-kind online membership event for all volunteers! It will feature in-depth discussions about inviting families to join this fall, the most important joining season in Scouting’s history. We’ll talk about the latest research-based insights on why families join Scouting and share ideas everyone can use to invite more families to participate in Scouting locally. Attendees will come away with multiple recruitment ideas they can put into practice right now!

Who is invited to attend this free livestream?

All volunteers should attend the Momentum ’21 Fall Membership Kickoff event. If you’re a professional Scouter or just know a few Scouting volunteers, please share a link to this article with them and invite them to attend.

How do I tune in?

RSVP to the event below (or above) and on July 27, head to Facebook to watch at 7:30 p.m. Eastern/6:30 p.m. Central.


Or you can catch the livestream on YouTube at the link below.

When should I watch?

Mark your calendar. Set a reminder. Do whatever you need to ensure you catch this jam-packed, high-energy livestream. Remember, it’s July 27 at 7:30 p.m. Eastern/6:30 p.m. Central.

RSVP to the event above and share this post with volunteers you want to see at the first-ever Fall Membership Kickoff!

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