Just in time for fall recruiting, the 2021-22 Scout Life mini-mag is here!

A good multitool can be anything from a convenience to a literal lifesaver on the trail and at camp.

The Scout Life mini-mag is your multitool for Cub Scout recruiting.

This miniature version of Scout Life magazine:

  • contains all the information families need to know about joining Cub Scouts;
  • contains all the information families need to know about subscribing to Scout Life;
  • is great for parents to read with their kids;
  • is great for kids to read while their parents are busy signing them up for Cub Scouts.

Going digital

The 2021-22 edition of the Scout Life mini-mag is available exclusively in a digital PDF format in multiple versions, depending on how you’d like to use it.

  • For a smaller version that won’t take up much space on your device but is still suitable for on-screen viewing, click here.
  • For a medium-sized file you can print at home, click here.
  • For a larger version with printing marks that you can send to a print shop, click here.

You can also find it — along with tons of back issues — in the Scout Life app for iOS or Android.

Download it. Share it with your friends. Post it to all your social media accounts. How you use your mini-mag is up to you! You can:

  • share it with unit membership chairs for distribution at Scout nights, kid talks, craft fairs, field days or other community events;
  • use it in addition to your recruitment fliers for a stronger marketing effort;
  • print a few copies and offer them to current Cub Scouts and older Scouts, encouraging them to share them with non-Scouting friends.

Subscribe to the full version of Scout Life

One thing for sure, you’ll want to make sure all your youth subscribe to Scout Life, the BSA’s official youth magazine that has been proven to help youth advance and to increase retention of members.

Scout Life helps your Scouting unit and your Scouts excel. Like any good tool, it’s designed to helps Scouts succeed both in the Scouting program and in life. Whether they need leadership tips, support on issues like bullying, or just some great stories and jokes, Scouts will find it all inside Scout Life.

Research shows that boys and girls who subscribe advance further and stay in Scouting longer than those who don’t. Click here to subscribe for just $12 per year.

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Aaron Derr is the senior editor of Scout Life and Scouting magazines, and also a former Cubmaster and Scouts BSA volunteer.