This scene in the CBS series confirms that MacGyver is a Scouting volunteer, like you

It turns out you, loyal Scouting volunteer, have quite a bit in common with MacGyver — and I don’t just mean your ability to solve problems in creative ways.

A recent episode of the CBS action series MacGyver confirms what I’ve long hoped: the problem-solving, day-saving hero is a Scouting volunteer.

Specifically, the industrious intellectual leads a Bear den in the Greater Los Angeles Area Council. Also, as confirmed by the Arrow of Light knot on his uniform shirt, Angus MacGyver was a Cub Scout himself.

The scene in MacGyver

In “Windmill + Acetone + Celluloid + Firing Pin” (Episode 4, Season 4), an early scene shows the hero leading a den of Cub Scouts in an egg-drop experiment.

MacGyver, looking especially sharp in his full uniform (and “Scout Me In” neckerchief!), explains to the Cub Scouts that a properly engineered container keeps the forces on the egg low, preventing it from cracking when dropped from a high point.

Next, he challenges the Cub Scouts to build their own container over the next week. Doing so, he says, could help them earn a BSA Supernova Award. That’s an actual requirement for an actual Cub Scout award, by the way!

But one Cub Scout in MacGyver’s den needs a little convincing.

“Why do I have to learn this science stuff?” he asks. “I want to do archery.”

“Because it helps you solve problems,” MacGyver says.

MacGyver then motions toward Riley Davis, a covert operative and, apparently, his fellow den leader.

“Riley and I use all this ‘science stuff’ in our jobs all the time,” he says.

“Your jobs sound super boring,” the Cub Scout says.

That’s a fun wink at the audience, which knows that MacGyver’s job is full of adrenaline-packed, science-fueled adventure.

MacGyver back of uniform

What we know about MacGyver, the Cub Scout leader

By analyzing (OK, overanalyzing) MacGyver’s uniform shirt, we can learn that:

  • He earned the Arrow of Light Award, as shown by the square knot above his left pocket.
  • He holds some sort of district- or council-level position, as evidenced by his silver shoulder loops.
  • He’s a member of the Greater Los Angeles Area Council. The council shoulder patch he’s wearing matches the one below.

What other clues do you see on his uniform?

How to watch

You can watch the episode, which originally aired Feb. 28, 2020, at this link. The Scouting scene begins at the two-minute mark.

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