Boys’ Life Wants to Tell YOUR Story

Do your Scouts want to land on the same pages as some of the most famous Scouts of all time? Here’s their chance!

Whether you’re carving out the adventure of a lifetime in a snow-filled wonderland or staying warm by spending time with seniors in a retirement home, tell us about the unit outings you have coming up this fall and winter! We want to make you Boys’-Life famous.

What Kinds of Stories Are Featured in Boys’ Life?

If you’ve picked up an issue of Boys’ Life, you’ve surely seen the epic, cold-weather features of Scouts doing some pretty incredible stuff.

There was Troop 66’s ridiculously cool Turkey Day celebration.

Then there was the time Scouts carved some slopes at Big Sky Ski Weekend.

And of course there was that time when Troop 50 camped in sub-freezing temps at the Northern Tier (which resulted in some of the most extreme, award-winning pics we’ve ever seen)!

We also love to cover stories that aren’t your typical cold-weather camping tales! For instance, check out the time we chilled with Cub Scouts who went on a six-hour interfaith hike.

Think Your Troop or Crew Has a Story to Tell?

Let’s hear it! Fill out the form below to let us know where you’re headed and what you’re doing! You just may hear from one of our editors soon.

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