Here are 18 of the best Scouts BSA patrol names so far

What’s in a name?

For Scouts BSA patrols, a name unites new and old friends. What’s more, it gives Scouts a chance to express their originality.

And with new troops come new patrol names!

The young minds in Scouts BSA have put their heads together to come up with the some of the most creative (and hilarious) patrol names we’ve ever heard. This isn’t an exhaustive list, so after you read through these patrol names, be sure to post any you’ve heard of in the comments.

Scout patrol names you won’t forget

  1. Atomic Biscuits
  2. Unicorns of the Sea
  3. Radioactive Gummi Bear Ninjas
  4. Ice Dragons
  5. Flying Pigs
  6. Alien Foxes
  7. Wizard Lizards
  8. Screaming Velociraptors
  9. Rosie the Riveters Patrol
  10. Plasma Dragons
  11. Deadly Cupcakes
  12. Panda-monium
  13. Order of the Flying Pinecones
  14. Beaversharks
  15. Mermacorns
  16. Armadillos
  17. Graceful Pirates
  18. Majestic Sea Turtles

Patrol names in 2019 aren’t ‘standard’

After reading this list of names, it’s clear patrols are all about creativity and identity for Scouts. After all, who besides a Scout could come up with something like, “Plasma Dragons”?

Fun is welcome, and Scouts make the final call when it comes to selecting their patrol’s name. (As long as it’s Scout-appropriate, it’s good to go.)

Plus, the patrol emblems you’ll find at the Scout Shop offer all kinds of visual inspiration for one-of-a-kind patrol names. Just remember: your Scouts don’t have to stick to the patch’s item name.

For instance, if your patrol picks the “Phoenix patrol emblem,” they can still choose a name like the “Funky Fire Phoenix Patrol.”

If your Scouts are currently on a mission to name their patrol, check out this article on how to pick an unforgettable name. And don’t forget to post some of the creative patrol names you’ve heard of in the comments below!

We’d even love to hear the story behind the clever moniker.

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