Do you plan indoor fun (hiking included) during the winter?

Winter can offer lots of fun outdoor activities, but sometimes, the weather can feel so frigid you might be tempted to plan some of your Scouting activities indoors. That’s fine. This can be a great time to help your Scouts explore your community by visiting a local museum or library, attending a city council meeting or even going on a hike.

One Minnesota Scouter recently shared with us his favorite place to bring new Scouts: the Minneapolis Skyway. It’s an 11-mile system of indoor walkways that connect many downtown buildings. When the average high temperatures linger in the 20s for December, January and February, a walk in a climate-controlled place sounds like a friendly option.

“You can traverse from south Minneapolis to the northern skyscrapers without a snowflake ever touching your jacket,” Nick Albee says. “Maps are everywhere, people are nice, and there are plenty of places to stop along the way. Plus, it’s easily accessible for urban Scouts who may not live near parks or extensive trail systems.”

Other metropolises have similar walkways, either above or under ground. If you’re not near one, consider visiting a nearby mall or large outdoor recreation retail store. It can be a good opportunity for Scouts to stay active, become familiar with their hometown and maybe shop for their next camping trip. You could also arm your Scouts with cameras or a map and compass to teach some photography or orienteering skills during the indoor jaunt. 

What do you do?

What fun indoor activities have you done during the cold winter months? Let’s share and inspire other Scouters.

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Michael Freeman, an Eagle Scout, is an associate editor of Scout Life and Scouting magazines.