Read what one major university said about Scouting in an acceptance letter

We’ve all heard that Scouting experience will give a young person a leg up at a college, university or trade school.

But it’s always nice to see tangible proof that this is still the case.

The latest example comes from Andrew, an Eagle Scout from Texas. His proud grandfather, Randy Konkel, noticed that the young man’s acceptance letter from the University of Oklahoma specifically called out Andrew’s Scouting experience.

“While reading your application, we noticed you are an Eagle Scout,” the letter states. “Your commitment and perseverance are to be commended.”

Next, the letter-writer outlines the many ways Andrew can get involved as an OU undergrad. He could participate in student government, volunteer to help others or join a student group.

Andrew is told these opportunities are perfect because they will “further develop your already strong aptitude to lead.” To this admissions counselor, the words “Eagle Scout” represent leadership.

True, the letter from the highly regarded institution in Norman, Okla., doesn’t say that Andrew was accepted solely because he’s an Eagle Scout. His academic record, test scores and involvement in other extracurriculars were big factors, too.

But read the full letter below, and you’ll notice that “Eagle Scout” is the only one of these résumé-builders that’s called out by name. It was important enough to mention specifically, making it clear to Andrew that the time he spent in Scouting mattered.

Share your ‘acceptance’ story

I know many Eagle Scouts will relate to Andrew’s story.

If you’re someone who was hired for a job or accepted into a college, trade school or university because of your Scouting experience, share your story in the comments below.

If you have a photo of an acceptance letter, even better! You can share the photo right in the comments section.

It’s been true for decades, and it’s still true today: Scouting prepares young people for life.

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