This Second Class Scout sees duty in a hard day’s work

Lea Fantom, Sequoyah District Executive in the Northwest Georgia Council, needed families to help unload a shipment of popcorn for the council’s popcorn kickoff event several weeks ago. Unloading trucks, each packed from floor to ceiling with $80,000 worth of popcorn, sounded like an intimidating task, says Shea Mize, Scoutmaster for Troop 12 in Adairsville, Ga., but it was a job his family — particularly his son — was ready for.

Helping other people at all times, no matter how difficult the task, is what Scouts do.

Second Class Scout Hayden Mize jumped in with other Scouting volunteers, unloading pallets of popcorn, sorting the boxes and then packing the organized orders into vehicles for units that came to pick up fundraising orders. It required several hours of hard work on a hot and humid day with little breeze for relief.

“We were all hot and sweaty from the heat, humidity and moving cases of popcorn multiple times,” Shea says.

A Good Turn

During a break, right before it was time to clean up, Fantom thanked Hayden for his hard work.

“I am proud of you. You worked like a dog today,” she said.

“No,” Hayden replied.

“A horse?” Fantom asked.


“An elephant?”


“Then, I don’t know what,” Fantom said.

Hayden smiled and answered, “Today, I worked like a Scout.”

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