When this Venturer graduated from college, she repped Venturing on her cap

When Rachel Eddowes realized that graduates from George Mason University wear green caps and gowns, she knew just what to do.

“There was no question how I would decorate my cap,” she says.

She added a Venturing logo — already the perfect shape for a mortarboard — and showed everyone at the commencement that she’s part of the BSA’s adventure-focused program for young men and young women.

Eddowes graduated in December 2016 with a bachelor’s in interpersonal communication and interpersonal conflict analysis. After that, she earned a master’s in agricultural leadership, education and communications from Texas A&M University.

In addition to serving as a graduate teaching assistant at Texas A&M, Eddowes is the co-contingent leader for the U.S. contingent at the 2019 World Scout Jamboree. Each role is held by two people: one under 26 and one over 26. Eddowes serves alongside Dan Ownby.

A storied Scouting career

Longtime blog readers may recognize Eddowes’ name.

She delivered the Report to the Nation to leaders in Washington, D.C., in 2013. She visualized her web of Scouting connections in a unique way in 2014. And in 2016, she helped host the Interamerican Youth Forum and Interamerican Scout Conference in Texas.

I’m impressed at how Eddowes continues to stay involved in Scouting even as she begins her career. She’s proof that great things begin in Venturing.

Other Scouting-themed graduation caps

Last year, I blogged about Eagle Scout Kevin McCarthy’s Scouting-themed graduation cap.

If you or a graduate you know customized his or her cap in a Scouting way, please share the photo in the comments!

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