Share a photo of your backyard adventure to win a ‘Craig of the Creek’ patch

On Cartoon Network’s Craig of the Creek, everyday trips into the woods become chances to do something legendary with friends.

Hey, just like Scouting! But the similarities don’t end there.

Craig and his friends know some of life’s best adventures happen in your own backyard. Check.

They know that you have to protect your favorite outdoor places from things like litter. Same.

And they know that patches are a great way to recognize a job well done. Yep.

Here’s an image of the patch Scouts can earn!

Earn a Craig of the Creek patch!

As for that last point, Scouts who share a photo from a recent backyard adventure can win a limited-edition Craig of the Creek patch!

The photo could depict Scouts cleaning up a nearby creek, learning something new or just having fun outside.

Cartoon Network will give patches to 2,000 Scouts with a qualifying submission. The best photos will be featured on the contest page.

How to enter

Visit the Craig of the Creek Backyard Adventure site, hosted by Boys’ Life, and click the “Submit Your Adventure!” button.

The submission guidelines are wide open, meaning a “backyard adventure” could be just about anything.

And a backyard doesn’t have to mean the literal space behind your house. It could also be a park, lake, creek or wherever else your adventures take you.

Join Craig and his friends and do something legendary!

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