Guide to Scout Sunday, Scout Sabbath and Scout Jumuah

The calendar says 2018, which means it’s time to start thinking about Scout Sunday, Scout Sabbath and Scout Jumuah.

Scheduled in close proximity to the BSA’s birthday on Feb. 8, these three days celebrate the connection between Scouting and our faith-based chartered partners.

Some Scouts and leaders will honor these days by wearing the full field uniform to worship services. In other units, a worship leader presents religious awards to recipients.

In still others, the pack, troop, crew or ship conducts a service project that benefits the religious organization.

How does your unit participate? Share your ideas in the comments, and read on for a complete guide to Scout Sunday 2018, Scout Sabbath 2018 and Scout Jumuah 2018.

When is Scout Sunday 2018?

Scout Sunday is Feb. 4, 2018.

How did I know that? Scout Sunday is always held on the Sunday before the birthday of the Boy Scouts of America on Feb. 8.

(The only exception: when Feb. 8 falls on a Sunday, as happened in 2015. In that case, Scout Sunday and the BSA’s birthday were both celebrated on Feb. 8.)

Though Feb. 4 is the official day for Scout Sunday 2018, each chartered organization may adopt any specific Sunday to celebrate. The BSA says a local church may celebrate “on the Sunday most acceptable to the pastor and congregation.”

In the United Methodist Church, for example, the second Sunday in February is set aside for what the church calls Scouting Sunday. This year that’s Feb. 11.

Your best bet is to check with your chartered organization representative or faith leader.

When is Scout Sabbath 2018?

Scout Sabbath is Feb. 9 and 10, 2018.

Scout Sabbath — also called Scout Shabbat — for Jewish Scout units, is always the Saturday after Scout Sunday. This year, it begins at sundown on Friday, Feb. 9, and continues into the next day.

To learn more about this special day and order materials, see this page from the National Jewish Committee on Scouting.

NOTE: Though the National Jewish Committee on Scouting has designated Feb. 9-10 as Scout Sabbath this year, some councils or units will celebrate the occasion on other days. Check with your council or local Jewish Committee on Scouting to verify the date.

Scout JumuahWhen is Scout Jumuah 2018?

Scout Jumuah is Feb. 9, 2018.

Scout Jumuah offers a chance to recognize the contributions of young people and adults to Scouting within the Muslim community.

The National Association of Muslim Americans on Scouting has designated Feb. 9, 2018, to be Scout Jumuah. Units may adjust this date to best meet their needs.

Find Scout Jumuah program ideas on this page from the National Association of Muslim Americans on Scouting.

12 ways to celebrate Scout Sunday, Scout Sabbath and/or Scout Jumuah

  1. Wear your Scout uniform to worship services.
  2. Present religious emblems to Scouts, leaders and Venturers who have earned them in the past year.
  3. Recruit several Scouts or Scouters to read passages from religious text.
  4. Involve uniformed Scouts as greeters, ushers, gift bearers or the color guard.
  5. Invite a Scout or Scouter to serve as a guest speaker or deliver the sermon.
  6. Hold an Eagle Scout court of honor during the worship service.
  7. Host a pancake breakfast before, between or after services.
  8. Collect food for a local food pantry.
  9. Light a series of 12 candles while briefly explaining the points of the Scout Law.
  10. Show a video or photo slideshow of highlights from the pack, troop, crew or ship’s past year.
  11. Bake (or buy) doughnuts to share before services.
  12. Make a soft recruiting play by setting up a table near the entrance to answer questions about your Scout unit.

Where do I wear the Scout Sunday, Scout Sabbath or Scout Jumuah patch?

Wear it in the temporary patch location: centered on the right pocket.

Where can I get Scout Sunday 2018 stuff?

Visit your local Scout Shop or use the the links below:

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