This Webelos Scout’s campaign video for fifth-grade vice president is Oscar-worthy

Leave it to a Webelos Scout to devise a campaign video that’s positive, uplifting and downright awesome.

Alexander Miles is a member of Pack 695 of the Sam Houston Area Council. In October, Alexander ran for vice president of his fifth-grade class at the Kinkaid School in Houston.

It was an exercise in the democratic process. Each candidate had to come up with a platform of campaign promises and make a 60-second advertisement for his or her cause.

“One of the best parts was bossing around my crew — my mom and dad!” Alexander says. “And I did not get in trouble for it!”

Behind the scenes

Alexander says the toughest part of the video was coming up with interesting shots and writing the script.

“Once that was done, making the video was a piece of cake,” he says.

In the 60-second video, which you can watch below, Alexander tells his classmates that “each and every one of you is awesome at something. Let’s discover it and show it off to the world.”

That’s the kind of positive message all of us can get behind.

A Scouting life

In the video, Alexander says he has the responsibility, creativity and leadership abilities to serve his classmates well. These are skills Alexander learned in Pack 695, which he joined as a Tiger Cub and will leave when he crosses over into Boy Scouting.

Alexander also spotlighted the ways he has helped others. He has helped organize a shoe drive at his school, volunteered for Hurricane Harvey victims and donated all $182.12 he earned at a lemonade stand to sick kids at a children’s hospital.

“We rise by lifting others,” he explains in the video.

‘We’re just kids’

But remember, Alexander concludes, “we’re just kids.”

A vote for Alexander Miles, he says, means a vote for “miles and miles and miles of fun.” That’s clear from his video, too.

In the end, the elections didn’t go the way Alexander had hoped. It turns out there was a glitch in the balloting system, and his name wasn’t even on the ballot for fifth-grade vice president.

But even in quasi-defeat, Alexander has a cheerful attitude.

“It’s OK, there will be new elections next year,” he says. “I can’t wait to create my next video.”

And we can’t wait to watch it.

Alexander Miles’ campaign video

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