Top 5 merit badges Thor could hammer out in a weekend, no problem

Thor has superhuman strength. He can summon lightning. And, with the help of his enchanted hammer, he can fly.

But can the Asgardian god of thunder earn a merit badge?

Technically, no. You need to be under 18 to earn one, which makes Thor, by most estimates, about 1,000 years too old.

Still, nothing’s stopping the mighty Avenger — or any mere mortal — from completing merit badge requirements just for fun.

And so with Thor: Ragnarok storming into theaters today, I put together this list of the top 5 merit badges the titular hero could finish in a weekend.

(P.S.: It certainly helps that Chris Hemsworth, the actor who plays Thor, already has a positive connection with Scouting. Last year, Hemsworth appeared on Ellen to personally thank the Eagle Scout who found and returned his missing wallet.)

OK, here’s the list. Do you disagree with one? Sound off in the comments. But remember the rule: If you remove one, you have to tell me which merit badge would replace it.

1. Weather

Yeah, this one’s obvious. It’s also perfect for the god of thunder.

Just think how awesome it would be when Thor has to explain to his merit badge counselor how lightning is formed (requirement 4).

“Sometimes it happens when a cloud has static charges that overpower the insulating properties of the atmosphere,” he might say.

“Other times it happens when I get especially angry at a deadly creature from another realm.”

2. Metalwork

Say, for instance, your favorite hammer — let’s call it Mjolnir — gets destroyed by an evil woman.

Do you cry about it, or do you get to work on Metalwork merit badge (requirement 5, option 4) to craft a new one?

“Wow, impressive work, Thor,” the merit badge counselor might say.

“Quick question: Why can nobody pick it up but you?”

3. Genealogy

Thor’s family tree would be something to behold. From the films, we know his dad is Odin, and his adopted brother is Loki.

Beyond that, things get tricky and involve an understanding of Norse Mythology that confounds me. There are names like Balder, Hermod, Tyr and Vidar — all Thor’s half-brothers, apparently.

I’d especially like to see what Thor comes up with for this requirement: “Obtain at least one genealogical document that supports an event that is or can be recorded on your pedigree chart or family group record.”

“Um, Thor, is this your stone tablet?”

4. Electricity

See also: “1. Weather.”

I’m not sure a merit badge counselor would be satisfied with Thor’s answer to requirement 1D: ” Explain what to do in an electrical storm.”

“What should you do when there’s lightning in the air, Thor?”

“Do I … Keep spinning my magical hammer really fast in a circle?”

“No, Thor. No. That’s not what you do.”

5. Space Exploration

When trying to escape a foreign planet with a green “friend from work,” it’s helpful to know a thing or two about how rocket engines work (requirement 4b); the purpose, operation, and components of a rocket ship (requirement 6a); and possible careers in space exploration (requirement 8).

“Interplanetary Avenger” is definitely a possible career in space exploration.

Especially if you’re a nearly invincible alien who can travel between dimensions.


  1. As a Weather Merit Badge counselor, I encourage the scouts to do requirement 9a where they make a weather instrument and observe and record their weather for a week. It has them observe actual weather. But there is the option of 9b where Thor could visit a weather office or talk with a local forecaster about local weather hazards. I find 9a more educational, but 9b is an option.

  2. Thor should work on collections as well. Hes out there collecting Infinity stones, as well as he has inherited Odins treasure vault full of valuables. tracking whats in there making sure things are “Fake”. It would be a perfect MB to have the Collector from GotG be his councilor. Having him describe how his collection has grown would be great tails of battles and conquests.

    Mjolnir was forged in the heart of a dying star and since it was destroyed it wouldnt be the easiest of projects to start with. also what tool would he use his non existent hammer? jut saying

    • If the Scouts are familiar with the requirements in advance, they can track the weather before coming to the class. I haven’t looked up the other MBs to see if there is more that you are referring to.

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