As its 20th birthday approaches, Venturing calls for 20 great stories

Wondering what to get Venturing for its 20th birthday next year?

Here’s the best gift of all: A personal story about how Venturing impacted your life.

Venturing turns 20 in 2018, and to celebrate, the BSA’s program for older youth is asking for Venturing stories and photos from current and past members.

They call it 20 Stories to Celebrate 20 Years.

Venturers, advisors and Venturing alumni are asked to share some words and/or images on the ways Venturing has impacted them.

The 20 best stories — 10 from youth and 10 from adults — will be featured during 2018’s yearlong celebration. Winning submitters will receive a VIP experience at VenturingFest 2018.

Speaking of VenturingFest 2018, now’s the time to sign up for this national gathering of Venturers at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia.

VenturingFest is July 1 to 6, and it’s when thousands of Greenshirts will gather for fun and friendship.

During the day, Venturers will try high-adventure activities like rock climbing, skateboarding and zip lining. At night, Venturers can snack on some great food while jamming out at concerts with thousands of their new best friends.

Quick facts: 20 Stories to Celebrate 20 Years

  • The campaign runs Aug. 1 to Nov. 1, 2017.
  • They’re asking for stories and photos from current Venturers, advisors and any Venturing alumni.
  • The content should tell how Venturing has had a positive influence of their life.
  • The Venturing team will select 20 of the best stories (10 youth and 10 adults) and feature one story each week on social media.
  • Winners will receive a “VIP experience” at VenturingFest 2018.
  • Learn more about the campaign and submit your story here.


  1. How would I go about starting a New Venturing group?
    I am thing about a food based group to not only teach basic cooking skills but too also meet the needs of all current and future foodies out there. In the past few years I have noticed troops have lost the art and skill of cooking, and that’s sad. However these cooking and cleaning skills are those that are with us for life. Starting a Post or Crew with a Cooking based purpose could do many things. Teach life skills, maybe lead to business skills, thru catering, help staff our camps summer and event kitchens and maybe be the one thing that leads a young person into their future Job. Please advise with thoughts and comments

    Thank you
    Michael Doherty
    Food Service Director / Cook
    Camp Munhacke

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