Jamboree trading card craze has Scouts hunting treasure, making new friends

Over the past few days, anyone at the Jamboree who even resembles a staff member is getting asked the same question from Scouts they don’t know.

“Do you know anything about the 101st card?”

To the first two groups of Scouts that asked me, I simply said, “Sorry, no clue.”

By the third group, I got curious enough to ask what was going on.

Turns out Jamboree trading cards are all the rage right now. The cards depict famous Eagle Scouts and former Scouts (think Mike Rowe and John F. Kennedy), as well as Scouting founders (think Robert Baden-Powell and Daniel Carter Beard).

There are 100 different cards in circulation, and the goal is to collect all 100. Once a Scout or Venturer gets a complete set, he or she must hunt for the special 101st card, of which just 1,000 were printed. No copies of the 101st card were put into circulation. It must be found … somehow.

“It’s all random clues,” says Joey Ament, 14, a Star Scout from Jamboree Troop 2324 of the Three Harbors Council in Wisconsin. “It’s a wild goose chase, basically.”

A wild goose chase with a sweet reward. Scouts who collect all 101 cards get a free 2017 Jamboree Linerlock knife.

Working with a full deck

When they arrived at the Jamboree, Scouts were given 13 packs of eight cards each. Many of the cards will be duplicates, so Scouts must trade with both troopmates and complete strangers. That’s where the fun begins.

Scouts received the cards at no extra cost and have been trading them one for one. Unlike patch trading, where some Scouts might have come with a dozen sets to trade and others just one or two, each Scout starts the card-collecting process from the same point.

Joey and his troopmate Andrew Grebe, a 14-year-old Life Scout, have collected card Nos. 1 through 100. Now they’ve joined the throng of Scouts on the hunt for the elusive 101st.

“We’ve been asking around,” Joey says. “We found a lot of rumors, like, ‘oh, you have to be really nice to people,’ which you already try to do. It’s just a bunch of random stuff, and we don’t know which one to follow. So we’re just asking a lot of people.”

I’ve heard rumors that a large crowd of Scouts figured out the location of the 101st card on Sunday. There were reports of hundreds of Scouts surrounding a certain high-profile individual.

I won’t spoil the fun and name the person here.

Playing their cards right

Joey’s favorite card is the Rex Tillerson card, “because it took me a while to find that one.”

Andrew likes card No. 99 best. Titled “The Gold Standard,” this one features Baden-Powell, Beard and Ernest Thompson Seton.

Though the goal is that pocketknife, Joey and Andrew say they’ve enjoyed the journey to get there.

“At the beginning, a lot of people in our troop opened them at the same time,” Andrew says. “It was a big rush of everybody trading them, which was fun. I like the fact that you can trade them one for one. There’s no super rarity to each card, besides the 101st. It’s not like patch trading where you might trade a set for two sets. And there’s a goal to it at the end.”

A goal and a chance to make friends.

“It’s a good way to meet people,” Joey says. “It is interesting.”


  1. This is cool!

    I just sent a text to my son, who is at Jamboree, to see if he had heard of this. He said that he had and somehow he has been able to acquire 3 complete sets of 100 through his trading! So far he hasn’t been able to find that elusive 101st though.

  2. I’ve been putting together trivia questions for my Cub Scouts so that they learn some scouting history. I would love it if I could get a set of these cards to use with my Cub Scout pack. I really hope they put them on sale for the general scouting public. That would be awesome.

  3. I texted my son. His contingent has not received any trading cards. Either the council didn’t get any or someone is hording them. By the way if the trade is 1 for 1, how does one convert 114 cards into 342?

    • Folks who are not into the cards will give them to their buddies who are. We had something similar at an OA conclave. I had friends giving them to me because they were not interested.

    • My son told me after he returned that his leaders didn’t distribute their cards until 2 days before departure. He also told me there were 1,000 knives, but don’t know if that is true or just the scuttlebutt. Based on that, he was only able to obtain 91/100 cards. I’m sure that if anyone in his contingent got all 100, none of them got a knife. No big deal as he brought home a lot of memories as he couldn’t stop talking on the ride home after I picked him up from the bus at midnight.

  4. I have some information for you ask not just any staff but philanthropy staf that have philampropist on there shirt

    Be prepared

    • I would not expect much philanthropy coming your way any time soon. Philanthropists – and parents – tend to shy away from supporting conversion of scouting programs into a fascist youth recruitment rally. I predict donations AND membership drying up fast, unless appropriate response of outrage and denouncement – and groveling for your part in allowing this abomination to occur – is swift, forceful and disseminated world wide by every marketing, media & door to door method available. [Find Olivia Pope!]. Just when you were recovering from your homophobia scandal… now this. Heil Trump? What is wrong with you people anyway? People trust you with their children, hearts & minds included! Stop f*cking these kids up! Better get out there and exercise those qualities that scouts are supposed to be made of, and FIX THIS. 30,000 boys had their heads twisted into sh*t pretzels, now it’s YOUR responsibility to clean out and straighten out their heads.

      • When he went off-script, his speech was frightening and annoying. President’s are there to praise, thank and encourage scouts and our values. So much was inappropriate. On a side note, how did eagle scout Rick Perry earn his environmental conservation merit badge? Or didn’t they have that in his day? A scout who doesn’t value and work to protect the environment? Shame on him

      • My son and I were lucky enough to see Rex Tillerson speak on Friday about values-based servant leadership.

        Rosie, it’s too bad you missed him. If you want to understand Scouting, check out his talk.

      • Well, Rosie, should we have you address these boys instead? I think your language would not appeal to their parents either.

        I always suggest whatever actions one takes financially are their own to do, and they should be done with a clear conscience. But, I would also suggest that people making such decisions approach the scouts who they know and ask their opinions. We will likely find that their minds aren’t as “pretzel-ed” as you propose. Divestment would all but ensure whoever opposes you unfettered access to those ears.

        Some do resent being pawns in movements of social activism. But, most are patiently sifting through the rhetoric of all parties trying to decide what will be best for their country come the time that they can vote in the next few short years.

      • Rosie;
        Talk to your Son and make sure that he understands that the Boy Scouts as an organization do not endorse a particular political position and that they were not in a position to approve or disapprove of President Trump’s speech. Many individuals have objected to it and many individuals have endorsed it. But in the day to day course of our lives, most of us will not have the opportunity to see the President of the United States live and that was an opportunity the scouts will never forget. It is unfortunate that President Trump did not make better use of his time at the National Jam than he did yesterday, IMHO. He missed a huge opportunity with a very willing crowd of potential leaders.

      • Why does any post on the National Jamboree in the last 20 hours have to morph into something to do with the POTUS’ visit when the original post has nothing to do with the president?

      • Ask your scout about the WP Society. The cards are WP. Check scouting. Org. Yes, there are still many very generous donors to support your scouts growth.

  5. Michael Surbaugh has the “Trump card” – ha, ha, ha, ha……! Thank you, Michael, for the fiasco on Monday!

  6. 1) The card trading is a neat way to learn Scout history and make new friends. Wait till the World Jamboree and necker/shirt/patch/woggle trading begin !
    2) The POTUS speech was an unfortunate turn. Mr. Trump is not known for keeping on topic. I agree that THIS discussion thread is not an appropriate place to vent/rant. The BSA is not a political activist thing. We do not (as an organization) endorse or support any political party or person.
    3 ) Scouting is about the Scout Promise and Scout Law. Look to those to judge a Scout’s behavior and goals. The Scout’s life, no matter their station as a boy /girl or adult, should be (if they learned their lessons well) about those standards in all things. Perhaps we could remind others of this standard. “J’accuse” ?
    4) If I remember correctly, it was reported that Mr. Trump was a Cub Scout for a short time. Maybe not. I do not remember his mentioning that in his speech.
    5) Kids, even teenagers , either accept the examples of their parents or reject them. It is , after all, our job as parents (and Scouters?) to give them that choice. The chants and catcalls heard in the crowd reflect that, I believe. Some of those Scouts will think about this later.
    6) Perhaps Mr. Trump should have read President Harry S Truman’s speech to the 1950 Scout Jamboree: http://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/ws/?pid=13551
    Or Dwight D. Eisenhower’s in 1953 http://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/ws/?pid=9642

    Good Jambo to you ! See you on the trail .

  7. Brian, what is your prediction that the average Joe Scout will be about to get some of these trading cards?

  8. This is something that needs to be continued at NOAC next year. They always find some cool way to get the many OA members to meet each other during the week long event.

  9. Can you update us on the location/person on card 101? What was the conclusion — I asked my son who went to Jambo, he didn’t know! Driving me nuts. Where was the last card? :0)

    • Multiple people had the 101st card to hand out, only some of whom were mentioned in clues (which were available to those who subscribed to the “Scouting exhibits” interest group in the app). The card features Waite Phillips and Wayne Perry.

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