West Virginian meets ‘nice, polite kids’ who ‘do the BSA and Utah proud!’

It could’ve been a diner’s worst nightmare.

All Becky Bush of West Virginia wanted to do was enjoy a nice meal at the Golden Corral in Parkersburg, W.Va.

Then 350 hungry, Jamboree-bound Boy Scouts and leaders started flooding in, with at least 30 already in line in front of Bush. So much for a relaxing dining experience, she must have thought. And then something unexpected happened.

“I was willing to wait my turn,” Bush writes. “One of your leaders motioned me to go ahead. They’d already allowed an elderly lady on a walker ahead. I spoke to a leader and a couple of Scouts. I learned they were all the way from Utah. They’d also gotten to visit D.C.”

As the meal continued, Bush noticed these weren’t typical teens. They were friendly, courteous and kind. They were Scouts.

Bush was so impressed that she sought out the Utah National Parks Council Facebook page to praise the Scouts and leaders. She left a public comment saying how the Scouts were “all very quiet. Happy with anticipation, but not running or thrashing around.”

“Those sweet Boy Scouts of all ages were delightful,” Bush continues. “As a West Virginian I welcomed them. I hope they have a ‘Wild, Wonderful West Virginia’ Scouting experience! Those nice, polite kids do the BSA and Utah proud!”

With the 2017 National Jamboree beginning today, Bush’s story is a nice reminder that the 31,000 staffers and participants are guests here in West Virginia. It’s nice to see that we’re making a good impression on the locals.


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