How to earn the National Summertime Pack Award

Just because school classrooms go dark in the summer doesn’t mean Cub Scouting has to.

Extend the fun of Cub Scouting into the year’s hottest season by earning the National Summertime Pack Award.

To be eligible, your pack must hold one activity per month in June, July and August. Do that, and you’ll get a streamer for your pack flag and a certificate suitable for framing.

Youth and adults who participate in all three events earn a nifty pin that can be worn on the right pocket flap of the uniform shirt.

Dens that have at least 50 percent of their youth members at the three summertime events get a den participation ribbon.

Why you should earn this award

I can think of three reasons:

  • Summer is the best time to enjoy the great outdoors.
  • Kids often have more free time — and fewer scheduled activities — in the summer.
  • Packs that offer a year-round program see higher retention numbers.

Things to keep in mind

Many families take long vacations in the summer. Some kids even spend a week or more at grandma’s house in another state.

That’s why attendance at your summertime events shouldn’t be mandatory. And the summer isn’t a great time to get a jump start on the next program year’s adventures. Best not to start the fall with Cub Scouts who have fallen behind.

Instead, plan activities that are optional but exciting. For example, this is a great time to earn a Nova Award.

How to earn the award

Learn more and find an application for the National Summertime Pack Award here. Return the completed form to your council office. Some councils provide recognition at no cost, while others charge a nominal fee for the items.

See the recognition items at

Further reading

In the May-June 2017 issue of Scouting magazine, Mark Ray has an excellent piece on avoiding those summertime Cub Scout blues.


  1. “Youth and adults who participate in all three events earn a nifty pin that can be worn on the right pocket flap of the uniform shirt.”

    What device is given to my adult leaders ? It appears that all of them are tied to a specific rank of the Cubs. I keep hearing that my leaders can receive the device however my local council says no… ???

    • The devices awarded are the ribbonsame or the pack flag and den flags, the certificate, and the pins for the youth and adults.

      • Ray, I understand your point. However, there are no items that are awarded to the Adult Scouters within the Pack. The pins, certificate and ribbons are all for the Den and Pack. That was my main point. Yes, I have seen adults wear the pins and even the Outdoor Activity Patch, but those are only for the youth. I have never awarded any pins to any adults. The pins do not say Adult Scouter or Den Leader they say Scout.

  2. Great information. Many years ago for my council’s University of Scouting event I developed a presentation on Cub Scout Summertime activities and planning (Summertime Fun!). Just went back and updated it to be (hopefully) correct to the new advancement program, here’s a link to that presentation in PDF format:

  3. What summertime activities does everyone plan? I live in a hot climate, so we’re struggling to find outdoor activities that won’t kill everyone from the heat. We have a swim planned for June, minor league ball game in July, and need something for August. Cooler mountain areas are a ways away, so attendance is likely to be minimal if we go that route. I’ve tried to suggest our district run a shooting sports activity right before school starts.

    • We live in Kansas so it can get hot here. Besides camp (Day, Bear, Webelos), we had 3 events. June was Fishing Derby in the morning (done by 11 AM) usually the Saturday before Father’s Day, July was an early morning bike hike (2 groups with the older Scouts riding longer than the younger ones), and August was our Water Balloon Olympics. Had 5 or 6 stations and Scouts rotated between them (water balloon toss for accuracy, same for distance, but can’t remember the others) with best scorers getting a prize. We also had the local fire truck show up to shower everyone (those that wanted) with water.

    • When I was CC for the pack where my son was a Cub Scout (and I was as well a couple decades earlier), we would have our official summer schedule start at Memorial Day weekend. Depending upon available adult involvement with planning and owning an event, we’d put up to 9 events on the calendar. Now I’ll preface this by saying we are in southwestern Ohio which while it can get pretty hot and humid over the summer with some days in triple digit temperatures (Fahrenheit) isn’t quite so bad as other locations in the south, so your methods may vary.

      Two were parades, Memorial Day and Independence Day. Sometimes we’d march, sometimes ride bikes, sometimes ride on a float. Always with plenty of water (either a cooler on the float, or a chase vehicle holding the cooler if we were marching or riding bikes).

      Three were district / council camping events. Day (or Twilight) camp, 3-night Resident Camp, and Fun With Son (one of two night versions of resident camp that the whole family could attend). Side note: Putting a council or district event on the Pack’s calendar can count towards the National Summertime Award requirements, by the way.

      Our pack would do it’s own Pack summer camp out one weekend, usually in August slightly before school would start back up. It could be hot but we planned activities accordingly. So there would be three overnight opportunities over the summer. The resident camp can get fairly expensive, and Fun with Son was slightly cheaper, while our Pack campout we kept at a relatively low price point (aim for $10 per attendee).

      So those standard items each summer six events. We would try to schedule one additional event in June, July and August that was not a camping overnighter or a parade. Some of the things we scheduled included:

      -Visit to our local regional airport where there is a skydiving business and team that showed the boys all about skydiving and we got to watch them perform a jump.

      -An annual family cookout / pool party, sometimes at a community pool but after those were shut down at my mother’s house.

      -Held a raingutter regatta one year, and a space derby the next. (The regatta was more popular due to the copius amounts of water.)

      -Held a pack day-hike, or bike-hike at a nearby park.

      -Fishing derby.

      -Had a movie evening where we rented one of those big inflatable outdoor movie screens and had popcorn and watched a family friendly film.

      -Participated in some service projects like community clean up days, or just picked one of the local parks with a playground where we spent some time cleaning up trash and then some time playing.

      -Visited the US Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB in nearby Dayton OH.

      -Visited the Cincinnati Zoo. Many zoos and aquariums have scout programs and/or overnighters.

      -Made a day trip to COSI, the Center of Science & Industry in Columbus OH. Very cool place!

      -Made a day trip to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum. Also a very cool place.

      -Had a pack campfire one evening where we did skits & songs and a flag retirement ceremony. This is a great idea for Flag Day (June 14).

      I’m sure there is plenty more, but that’s what immediately comes to mind. Some of these would also work as den activities.

    • Last year we did a bike rodeo. Our cubmaster talked about bike maintenance and then we had a few games for them to practice their bike safety. Temps that week were in the 90s, so we held as much of the program as possible in a shaded area of the park, and made it for as early as possible to avoid the hottest part of the day – I think we started at 10 AM.

    • AZ here, we do things like River Regatta, Indoor play parks, water days, open swims, movies, museums. Emergency Preparedness indoors etc.

    • I know this may be outdated for you but perhaps next summer? Our pack is in Gilbert AZ and we do 6 events, 2 each month, over the summer. Since it doesn’t necessarily HAVE to be outside this is what we did over the summer this year. 1. Ice skating, 2. Explore the night sky, 3. A morning at a splash pad, 4. Free event at a museum, 5. Bass Pro Kids Night, 6. Roller skating. Just a few ideas

  4. We count day camp (or Webelos resident camp) as our June event. As one of the other two, we usually do a “camp-in” as one of the summer events, such as in a cave, or inside a local learning museum or aquarium.

    • No attendance requirement for the Pack level award. Here’s how it breaks down:

      National Summertime PACK Award – Schedule three events for the summer, one each in June, July and August. Then hold those events.

      National Summertime DEN Award – At each of the three events designated by the pack for the summertime award, the den has at least 50% of it’s boys attend. Note, it doesn’t have to be the same boys at each event, just that 50% of the den show up to each.

      National Summertime Award (INDIVIDUAL) – Boy attends all three of the summertime events designated by the Pack.

  5. Here in the DC Area, our easy summertime events are: Pack graduation campfire (June), day camp (June), WEBELOS camp (July), a shady morning nature hike and trail cleanup (July), the New Horizon Bass Anglers Youth Fishing Derby (July — we just show up, no organizing required), Scout Day with the Washington or Potomac Nationals (August), Twilight Tattoo military pageant at Fort Myer (Aug). The events have to be very little work for the leaders because they deserve a break. We try to keep the cost low or free. We also have a barbecue and movie night in combination with our annual planning meeting in early August so kids watch a movie while adults plan the program. We get really good attendance, but we have to hire sitters or get Boy Scouts to watch the kids. It’s really hard to make a swimming event compliant with BSA water safety rules (swimming tests, buddy tags, life guards,etc.), so we don’t do that anymore.

  6. Can you please go into detail on the individual summertime award. A debate has arisen on the topic. Is the award earned for the current rank? Or for the rank just completed?

    • As of Crossover your cub should be working on their new rank. Summer activities would then be awarded for their current rank after crossover. For example, if your tiger just crossed over to wolf then the summertime pin would be bear wolf

  7. This is how the BSA says the National Summertime Pack Award should work……(not in print anywhere. Called National about this. They think it is just commen sense LOL)

    The pin is worn on the right pocket flap of the Cub Scout Uniform, pinned onto the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award, if present. Multiple pins may be displayed for each year the award is earned. The application for this award is attached to this email.

    The Tiger Summertime Pack Award is earned the summer between the Tiger and Wolf year.

    The Wolf Summertime Pack Award is earned the summer between the Wolf and Bear year.

    The Bear Summertime Pack Award is earned the summer between the Bear and Webelos year.

    The Webelos Summertime Pack Award is earned the summer between the Webelos and Arrow of Light year. .

    Cub Scout National Summertime Pack Award Pins
    Pin Pin # Level Earned the summer after:
    14332 Tiger attaining Tiger rank (Graduating 1st grade)
    14333 Wolf attaining Wolf rank (Graduating 2nd grade)
    14334 Bear attaining Bear rank (Graduating 3rd grade)
    14335 Webelos attaining Webelos rank (Graduating 4th grade)

  8. As a Webelos den leader, I’m curious if den outings count towards the Summertime Pack Activity Award? I have several scouts who have participated in a number of Webelos camping trips over the course of the summer, but did not take part in the Pack camping trips that were planned. Do these den camping trips count as a pack activity?

    Also, does Cub Scout Day Camp count, and if that day camp overlaps from July – August, could it be counted for either July or August? Or could it count as both July & August?

  9. So, if the pack conducts at least three activities in the summer but less than half of the scouts participate in the three activities, can the scouts who do attend all three still get the pin?

    When I went through Cubmaster Training, I distinctly recall them saying that the pack needs to earn the award before the scouts can earn the pin.

    • As long as you hold three events, the Pack has earned the award. The Den award has attendance requirements but the Pack award does not.

    • The individual boys earned the pin. The den did not earn the ribbon for their pack flag but the Pack earned the ribbon for theirs.

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