Watch as Eagle Scout Terry Fossum competes in new show ‘Kicking & Screaming’ on FOX

FOX’s new show, Kicking & Screaming, airing tonight at 8/9 Central, pairs survival experts with Average Joe-types to see how they fare when facing wild animals, hunger and extreme weather in the jungles of Fiji.

Except competitor Terry Fossum — a businessman, author and public speaker — isn’t your typical Average Joe. Fossum is an Eagle Scout and active Scouter in the Inland Northwest Council (Spokane, Wash.) with loads of wilderness survival experience.

“I taught the Wilderness Survival merit badge at summer camp as a youth, which has led me to adventures around the world,” he tells Scouting Wire. Fossum even competes on the show wearing his Scout uniform and prized Troop 400 neckerchief woggle.

How will Fossum’s experiences serve him as he competes with a survival-expert partner against nine other teams? Find out tonight in the first of the show’s eight episodes airing at 8/9 Central Thursdays on FOX. A note to parents: The show is rated TV-14.

It’s Not Just About Winning

For Fossum, appearing on the show is not about winning his half of the $500,000 prize. Instead, he tells Scouting Wire, it’s to show viewers across the U.S. that “they need to get their kids in Scouting. … There simply is no better program for youth in existence today.”

He adds: “… success isn’t about elevating yourself, it’s about elevating those around you. Scouting teaches you how to work with other people, even if those people are different than you. Simply put, we’re taught to welcome diversity and overcome adversity. Everybody stands to benefit from Scouting.”

Calling All Scouters

How did Fossum hear about auditioning for Kicking & Screaming in the first place? A casting company reached out to him after a fellow Scouter saw the casting call right here on Bryan on Scouting and answered it on Fossum’s behalf.

Learn More

Read more of Fossum’s Scouting Wire interview about his part on Kicking & Screaming. Plus, you can learn much more about Fossum’s work and his new book, Summer Camp to Survival Show (available for preorder), at

Photo courtesy of FOX Broadcasting Company.