6 managers share why they hired Scouting alumni

David R. has landed four different jobs just because he’s an Eagle Scout.

One time, after the words “Eagle Scout” were uttered, “the manager went right to, ‘what will it take for you to work for me?'” he says.

You’ve heard that before, right? You likely know of someone whose Scouting past got them a job.

Today we get the view from the other side of the conference room table. Read on as six hiring managers share why they picked a Scouting alumnus over all other applicants.

Convenience store manager: ‘Huge difference … in terms of honesty’

“I have employed many Eagle Scouts and Venturing Silver Award recipients in my convenience stores because I had worked with them throughout the years in Scouting. Huge difference between Scouts/other hires in terms of honesty, problem solving, customer service and following through with responsibility.”

– Sherry M.

Pump manufacturing company manager: ‘Decision making and leadership’

“I interviewed several candidates for an engineering position. The final decision came down to three candidates, two of whom were Eagle Scouts. I ultimately hired one of the Eagles for the position due to his decision making and leadership background. Side note: inquiring about their Eagle project was a great icebreaker and seemed to ease any anxiety of the interview for them.”

– Chris K.

AT&T recruiter: ‘It instantly grabs my attention’

“I can’t say I have hired any Scouts; it’s complicated on how our hiring works. But when I see a young adult during college recruiting weeks, looking for jobs and internships, and see they have earned their Eagle or Gold Award or Summit Award … it instantly grabs my attention and changes the conversation.”

– Earl B.

Best Western manager: ‘End of conversation’

“Combing through apps, I saw Eagle Scout. I hired him on the phone interview. The owners asked why I felt confident; I said, ‘he’s an Eagle Scout!’ That was the end of the conversation. He was an amazing employee!”

– Danelle E.

Retail store manager: ‘Great work habits’

“I took a new position with the company as a store manager. I went to Scout camp and hired all of the staff that was attending the local university in my new town. Most stayed with me till graduation. Best group of males and females I had in my 19 years at the location. They had great work habits and dedication to myself and the company. I would do it all over again.”

– David P.

Emergency Skills Inc. manager: ‘A passion to help’

“I hired a former Scout and adult Scoutmaster because of his honesty and loyalty. Additionally, I knew he had a passion to help people.”

– Sarah G.

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