Eagle Scouts remake photo taken 10 years earlier as Cub Scouts

In 2007, six Wolf Scouts from Indiana sat at a cafeteria table and took a photo together.

In 2017, those same six Scouts — now all Eagles — gathered at the same table to remake that photo — silly poses and expressions included.

The group formed as a Tiger den in 2006. They have remained together, advancing through Cub Scouting and then through Boy Scouting, for more than a decade.

In December 2016, the sixth and final member of the original Tiger den earned the rank of Eagle Scout.

And then on Jan. 2, 2017, they tried to re-create a photo dug up by Steve Rice, Troop 307 assistant Scoutmaster.

“I would guess that there have been many stories of Scouts staying together from Tiger to Eagle,” Rice says, “but I thought it was fairly unique in that all six of these young men stayed the course for the past 10 years with the help of their parents and leaders.”

However many times I hear it, the Tiger-to-Eagle story wows me. It shows how Scouting can shape a young person’s childhood in all the right ways. By the time they graduate high school, some young men have spent more than half of their lives in the program.

Meet Troop 307’s Super Six

The Scouts (from left) are Jacob Pettyjohn, Mark Henderson, Connor Rice, Brad Hancock, Luke Edwards and Dillon Richard.

After the photo shoot, Rice says, the group went out to lunch where they “spent the next two hours talking about their future plans and reminiscing about their past adventures in Scouting. A great time.”

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  1. That’s great to see. In my son’s group, we have sadly the exact opposite situation. He joined Cub Scouts as a Tiger in the fall of 2006, and just over 10 years later as he is on the cusp of Eagle he is the only one of that group of boys still in Scouting.

  2. Awesome! Congratulations to these young men! Would love to sit and hear the stories! I must say these Scouts had GREAT leaders and parents that supported not only their own son but the pack and troop. Hats of to the adults too! Sincerely, Scout Mom

  3. My son has three that started out as tigers and they will all be eagles soon. Dedicated boys and parents/leaders as well to stay the course. It is awesome.

    Scouting mom and den mother

  4. My oldest son was the youngest in his patrol and only 1 of two to make Eagle but in my youngest son’s patrol it was 8 out of 10. My boys are 4th generation Eagles. Can you ell we like the program?

  5. Congratulations gentlemen. This will follow you throughout your lives. Remember to share your experiences with the next generation of scouts.

  6. First I would like to say awesome job guys! To stick in there and go the entire distance together is something you just don’t see. My troop back in the 70’s turned out two Eagle Scouts while I was still active. Our troop was 361. Though we had many Life, and Star Scouts working towards the rank of Eagle during my time. I had been an Indian Scout before my Stepfather and I joined Troop 361. I myself only reached the rank of Star Scout, but many of my buddies who I went through school with reached Life Scout. I ended up moving in with my father and that was the end of my Scouting days, but the training and maturity I learned helped me in my future years serving in the United States Army, Infantry. I did eight years in the Army, and was medically discharged at the rank of E6, Staff Sergeant. I had planned on staying in and retiring but broke my hip dodging getting shot. I will say that the structure that I learned in Scouting helped me to be successful in the military. My hat goes off to all six of you and I salute you all in your steadfast direction to detail of which one needs to reach this honor of being a Eagle Scout. Know that with that rank, if you decide to join the military that this will give you an advance in rank in joining the service. Congratulations to everyone of you and your Scout Master and his Assistant Scout Masters. My time in the Boy Scouts was only about Five years and then I had moved away. You all have done something that you should always be proud of. To say the least, I’m in awe of all of your dedication to complete Scouting to it’s pinnacle rank of Eagle!

  7. The article says “By the time they graduate high school, some young men have spent more than half of their lives in the program.”

    Boys who started as Tigers will hit that mark much earlier. Even if they are 7 entering first grade and Tigers, double that would be entering eighth grade. I was thinking about this for my eighth grader, so it was on my mind. By the time they hit 18, it’s more like two thirds.

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