District serving Manhattan has a rare all-female Key 3

Randall Stephenson, AT&T CEO and BSA national president, has called on the movement to continue to broaden and diversify our leadership.

In the BSA district in the heart of the nation’s most-visited city, that’s already happening.

In a scenario that is rare if not unprecedented, the Manhattan-based Big Apple District in the Greater New York Councils now has an all-female Key 3.

What is a Key 3? It’s the three top individuals within each segment of Scouting. At the district level, the Key 3 includes the district chairman or chairwoman, the district commissioner and the district executive or district director.

The Big Apple District, which serves Manhattan, is under the direction of (from left in the photo above) Beatrice Polk, district commissioner; Jessica Kerin, district director; and Kim Salvo, district chairwoman.

Each woman brings unique skills and energy to the district that serves New York’s Times Square and famous neighborhoods like Chinatown, the East Village, Harlem and Washington Heights.

Polk, a volunteer, was previously on the board of the Del-Mar-Va Council and leads the district’s unit service team in the most urban and diverse service areas.

Kerin, a professional, is a wonderfully energetic presence in meeting the needs of this unique district.

And Salvo, a volunteer, has been a passionate Scouter since starting in Scouting with her own son in Pack 422.

You tell me

Are there units, districts or councils out there with all-female Key 3s? Leave a comment below!

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