Cub Scouters, bring your family to the Philmont Training Center this summer

Make yourself a better Cub Scout leader and enjoy an affordable, incredible family vacation?

Yes, this summer, you really can have it all. And yes, there’s still time to sign up.

Cub Scout conferences at the Philmont Training Center deliver a cost-effective family vacation, lifelong Cub Scouting friendships and high-quality adult leader training with ideas you’ll use in your pack and den right away.

Here’s everything you need to know: 

You’ll get a family vacation that won’t bust your budget.

Let’s say you have family of four, including one conference participant, one spouse, one 8-year-old and one 5-year-old.

Your all-in cost for a week at the Philmont Training Center — conference materials, program activities, meals and lodging — comes to $1,205.

Nowhere else could you find that level of quality family fun for that price.

You’ll make lifelong Cub Scouting friends.

Scouters from across the country visit the Philmont Training Center each summer, which makes it a magical place where lifelong friendships are formed.

There’s something about the fresh mountain air, incredible scenery and positive atmosphere that helps everyone have an unforgettable experience.

Some say that what they learn from their fellow Scouters at the Philmont Training Center is just as valuable as the PTC conferences themselves.

You’ll stay in comfortable accommodations.

You’ll sleep in a tent at the Philmont Training Center, but you aren’t exactly roughing it. The large wall tents have a floor, electricity, cots, and a place to hang your clothes and towel.

The new bathroom facilities include individual, private stalls each with a sink, toilet and shower.

Your family won’t want to leave.

Family programs at PTC are for everyone, and these offerings are unparalleled in or out of Scouting. My first exposure to Philmont was attending a family program while my dad took a training course. My sister, mom and I were inspired to return to Philmont again and again.

Parents can bring children, grandparents can bring grandchildren, wives can bring husbands and husbands can bring wives. From 2-month-olds to 90-year-olds, there is something for everyone.

The conference schedule is crafted in a way that allows for plenty of opportunities for the whole family to spend time together.

You’ll leave a better Cub Scouter.

Cub Scouters who are serious about making their pack or den the best around will return from PTC with armfuls of awesome ideas.

Elevate…to a High Performing Cub Scout Pack!
Learn what it takes to move your pack to the next level! Take a deep dive into topics such as: effective recruiting practices, growing your pack, supporting Cub Scouts on their advancement journey, converting parents from bystanders to engaged pack volunteers, and leading fun and exciting pack meetings. Move your pack from “great” to “epic” by ensuring you know what it takes to deliver the life-changing experiences only Cub Scouting can provide! This conference is designed for pack committee members, Cubmasters and unit commissioners.

Offered: Week 3: June 19-25, Week 6: July 10-16, Week 9: July 31-Aug. 6, Week 11: Aug. 14-20 (as Building Successful Packs)

Cub Scouting’s Outdoor Skills & Fun!
Put the “outing” back in Scouting…Cub Scouting that is! Learn fun ways to teach boys about the outdoors. Develop new strategies to ensure more of your Cub Scouts experience the outdoors and engage in the “wilderness” around them. Learn how to enhance their outdoor experience with new games, fun and more! From campfire songs, to outdoor award requirements, you’ll become experts in leading Cub Scouting’s outdoor skills & fun! This conference is designed for Cubmasters, den leaders, camp committees and program planners.

Offered: Week 3: June 19-25, Week 7: July 17-23

Fun in Dens and Packs!
Have you ever wondered how to combine activity, earn achievements AND have fun all at the same time during your den or pack meetings? In Fun with Dens and Packs, you will develop the knowledge, skills and strategies to ensure your Cub Scouts are engaged and having fun. From concept to actualization, we will show you the tools and resources to plan and produce exciting den and pack meetings! Be prepared to learn, share and have plenty of hands of fun experience! This conference is designed for den leaders, Cubmasters and pack committee members.

Offered: Week 8: July 24-30, Week 10: Aug. 7-13

Though I’m highlighting the Cub Scout conferences in this post, there are PTC conferences for leaders in any program.

How to sign up or learn more.

Go here. Or call 575-376-2281.

Closer to the Summit Bechtel Reserve’s John D. Tickle National Training and Leadership Center?

Learn about the Cub Scout training at the Tickle NTLC.

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