Scouts demonstrate foil-pack cooking on ‘Fox & Friends’

For the best camp-cooking techniques, open your Boy Scout Handbook.

Three Boy Scouts and a Cub Scout demonstrated foil-pack cooking techniques taken from the new 13th-edition Handbook in a segment on Fox & Friends this morning.

At nearly four minutes long, the Scout cooking segment was comparatively long for morning television, and the Scouts represented the BSA well.

Fox & Friends, the top-viewed cable morning show, has more than 1.2 million viewers. That means a lot of people learned about the positive impact Scouting offers to youth and families during this morning’s show.

Watch the full segment at this link.


The Boy Scout Handbook is packed with useful skills every young person should know. To highlight some of those skills, which we call #HandbookHacks, the BSA has shared some “snack-size” videos.

Check out two of these social-ready videos below, and share your own videos on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or elsewhere using the #HandbookHacks hashtag.



  1. It’s a testament to our generation that foil packs get a “wilderness cooking” tagline.
    Who remembers the B&W film releases explaining this new space-age material?

  2. Fantastic! The venerable foil pack is the first campfire cooking technique I teach to all new adults and all new scouts. It’s almost fool proof and so so tasty at the end of a long day. Besides, who like to do dishes anyway?

    My fave is ground meat, thick slice of onion, a whole sliced potato, a few baby carrots, and a big gob of catsup or BBQ sauce. Wrap tightly, lay on coals about 15 mins per side…and it’s GOOD EATIN…

  3. For decades, some scientists have speculated that exposure to aluminum is a cause of concern in Alzheimer’s patients, because of elevated levels of aluminum in their brains. Some scientists say there is absolutely no cause for concern, others swear there is, but it is so easy to cook on a fire without aluminum, why take the chance?

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