Dremel Pinewood Derby Days at Lowe’s is where champions are born (or at least have a lot of fun)


This is the place where champions are born. Where blocks of wood are transformed into museum-worthy works of art. Where everything is sacrificed in the name of speed.

Or, failing that, this is the place where Cub Scouts and their moms or dads come to bond and have a whole lot of fun building a Pinewood Derby car.

This Pinewood Derby season, race to your nearest Lowe’s Home Improvement Store for Dremel Pinewood Derby Days.

That’s where you’ll get the materials and knowledge you need to make this the best Pinewood Derby ever for your son. After all, Pinewood Derby isn’t just about building the fastest or best-looking car. It’s about bonding with your son to create something he can be proud of.

What are Dremel Pinewood Derby Days?

Your local Lowe’s store will host Pinewood Derby car clinics to share tips and tricks for making the fastest cars on race day. Everyone who attends gets:

  • A how-to demonstration
  • Step-by-step instructions for building a car
  • A Pinewood Derby Days patch

That’s all for the low, low price of free!

When are Dremel Pinewood Derby Days?

  • Saturday, Jan. 9, 2016
  • Saturday, Feb. 6, 2016

Be sure to give your store a call prior to attending to verify that one is taking place at your Lowe’s location.

What if we can’t attend?

Dremel and Lowe’s are committed to making your Pinewood Derby race a success, so if you need any help with Dremel products during your derby construction project, call the Dremel experts at 1-800-4-Dremel.

Basically they’re your Pinewood Derby pit crew.

Where can I learn more?

Check out the Dremel Pinewood Derby Days site.

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  1. Hopefully our local store will actually participate this year. Last year, they were told it was happening, but then there was no staffing by the store and a number of disappointed kids and parents.

  2. Dremel SHOULD have taken the pictures with the Scout and father wearing SAFETY GLASSES

    The Pinewood Derby Race Car should be built by the Scout with some assistance by the father, NOT the Scout watching his father build the Scout’s car.

    Pack 53 in McFarland, Wisconsin encourages the Scouts to build their own car. We have a special OPEN CLASS race for non-Scouts …. Dads, family members, and an OPEN CLASS CLASSIC race for cars built in previous years. This allows the cars to be raced year after year. The only stipulation is that if the car has places 1st, 2nd, or 3rd the car is retired.

  3. Bryan, could you clarify whether or not our Cub Scouts are allowed to use Dremel tools? From reading the Guide to Safe Scouting, it seems that they aren’t.

    Obviously, what my child and I do at home wouldn’t be subject to that, but I’m curious as to whether they can use them if we have a pack-sponsored Pinewood Derby “garage day.”

    If the answer is “no,” could you explain why Dremel is marketing a Pinewood Derby-labeled kit that says it’s safe for 7 year olds to use?

    I had emailed Bob Scott about this several months ago, but I never received an answer.

    Thank you!

    • Cub Scouts aren’t allowed to use Dremel tools, no. They would need to watch Mom or Dad use them and, perhaps, tell Mom or Dad exactly how they’d like the car to look.

      • Thanks for the clarification. Has BSA talked to Dremel about the Pinewood Derby kit they’re selling that says it’s for ages 7 and up? I’m sure there are folks who are confused by that. Thanks!

      • Cub Scouts may not use power tools, such as Dremel, during organized Scouting activities… den, pack, district, council, etc. Review the BSA power tool age requirements at: http://www.scouting.org/filestore/healthsafety/pdf/680-028.pdf Important to remember is that no two scouts reach the same maturity point at exactly the same age so these ages tend to be overly conservative in an effort to avoid injuries that might occur within the Scouting program

        What a Cub Scout does outside of the scouting program is outside the scope of the Guide to Safe Scouting. If a parent feels their Cub Scout is mature enough to safely operate a Dremel at home that is their decision to make… just like some parents feel it is perfectly safe for a 10 year old to use a lawn mower.

        Personally, I have used and owned Dremel tools for many, many years and have found them useful for many different kinds of projects. A Dremel would not be my first tool of choice to build a Pinewood Derby car and probably would only be useful for some small final detailing. We start our Tigers off with simple shapes that are their ideas and help them LEARN how to use HAND tools to craft their car.

        If a scout spends 5-10 minutes sanding the car with a Dremel they have not invested much into really appreciating what they have created. If they spend 2-3 hours hand sanding it we find that level of appreciation and satisfaction goes to a whole new level. Dads who completely build the car for their Scout miss a wonderful bonding opportunity and miss the whole point.

  4. Pack 12 went to the Pinewood Derby Day at the Leominster, MA, Lowe’s on January 9. The person in charge was very nice and a former Scouter, but he said that he received no support from Dremel except for a DVD and a pile of patches. There were no demonstrations and the kids were extremely disappointed. I don’t fault the local store, the blame lies with Dremel.

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