Awards recognize individuals and councils who do Venturing right

When it comes to the fun-filled, highly customizable, life-changing program of Venturing, some individuals and councils just get it.

Two awards recognize those people and councils who do Venturing the right way: the Venturing Leadership Award and the Council Standards of Venturing Excellence Award.

The National Venturing Youth Cabinet recently revised the requirements for these awards, and applications are being accepted now. So get going!

The Venturing Leadership Award, presented to Venturers and Venturing advisors, honors individuals who make significant contributions to Venturing at the council, area, regional or national level.

The Councils Standards of Venturing Excellence Award, earned by councils, uses a Journey to Excellence-like point system to honor councils who recruit new Venturers, have a Venturing Officers’ Association, promote Venturing and complete other core and elective requirements.

Here’s your guide to these awards, including requirements, deadlines and info on how to apply.

Venturing Leadership Award

Description: The Venturing Leadership Award is presented by councils, areas, regions and the BSA National Council to Venturers and Venturing advisors who have made exceptional contributions to Venturing and who exemplify the Scout Oath and Scout Law.

Who’s eligible: Adults and Venturing youth, who can earn the award at all four levels: Council, Area, Region and National.


  • Councils may present two awards per year for up to 50 crews/ships and one additional youth recognition per year for each fraction of 25 crews/ships above 50 (e.g., for 51 registered crews/ships, a total of three youth awards may be presented; for 78 crews/ships, four youth awards may be presented).
  • Areas may present eight awards per year.
  • Regions may present eight awards per year.
  • National may present eight awards per year.
  • IMPORTANT: At least 50 percent of the recipients of the Venturing Leadership Award at every level must be youth members.

Due Dates:

  • Council: Dates are set by the local council; turn forms in to the local council.
  • Area: April 30 to the area Venturing Advisor.
  • Region: April 15 to the national service center, Regional Operations Department
  • National: April 1 to the national service center, Regional Operations Department

Nomination form: Use this PDF. Please use the updated form linked here — not older versions, which contain outdated info.

Where to submit: Send your Council and Area nomination forms to your council or area Venturing advisor. Send Region and National award nominations to

 More info: On the official award page.

Council Standards of Venturing Excellence

Description: The Council Standards of Venturing Excellence Award is presented by the BSA National Council to councils that complete the requirements during the calendar year. For example, the 2015 Council Standards of Venturing Excellence Award is determined based on successfully achieving the 2015 criteria between Jan. 1, 2015, and Dec. 31, 2015. Councils that earn the award are recognized at the National Annual Meeting in May.

Who’s eligible: Councils that earn the required number of points.

Due Date: Feb. 15, via email to Every council should turn in the scoresheet, even if they don’t have enough points to earn the award.

Award form/scoresheet: Use this PDF. Requirements have been revised, so be sure to use the new version.

What’s new: The point system with three levels of the award — similar to Journey to Excellence, or JTE — debuts this year.

More info: On the official award page.

Hat tip: Thanks to Jillian Infusino and Jessica Ayala-Janscha for the info.

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