Send in a photo of the craziest place you’ve camped

Have you bunked on a battleship? Pitched your tents next to a pitcher’s mound? Camped out somewhere out-of-this-world?

I’ve heard of Scouts and Venturers camping at football stadiums (like the overnight at the Dallas Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium, pictured above), on top of mountains and on oceanside beaches. But I want to see the photos to prove it.

So think of the coolest place you’ve camped with your pack, troop, team, post, ship or crew and send in a snapshot of that super Scouting spot.

I’ll share my favorite photos in a future blog post. Here’s how to send.

How to send photos of the craziest place you’ve camped

  1. Select one photo that shows both the location and your Scouts or Venturers. High-res preferred.
  2. Send it to, with the subject line “Cool camping spot.”
  3. Include the following:
    1. Where the photo was taken
    2. Your unit number (Troop 123, Pack 456, Crew 789)
    3. A one-sentence description of why this place was such a great camping location

Photo of Scouts camping at AT&T Stadium via Gerald Watson, Troop 89 Scoutmaster.


  1. Camped on the Battleship New Jersey, in Camden. Slept in the sailors bunks, ate in the mess hall and watched the fire one of the big guns on the ship. Toured the ship with a retired sailor and also free roamed the ship. One of the best times the Scouts (and dads) ever had.

  2. I don’t have pictures since I didn’t go, but my son called right outside a nuclear power plant. Camped at Michigan international speedway as part of a camporee. Slept in a Coast Guard cutter. Slept at historic Ft. Wyane in Detroit (Sash-N-Bash).

  3. My first Boy Scout trip was a camporee in Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City,New Jersey in 1969. It was the stadium where Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier and he played his professional baseball game.

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