Challenge yourself with the November-December 2015 ‘Where Am I?’ contest

If you pride yourself on knowing U.S. geography, the Scouting magazine Where Am I? contest is for you. The payoff? We randomly select one correct answer to receive a $100 gift card to

Take a closer look at the photo featured above and read the clues in the newest Where Am I? contest, “Rocky Commute.” Submit your guess for a chance to win. Contest ends Dec. 18.

We randomly selected lucky No. 396, the entry from reader Daniel Courville of Portsmouth, R.I., to receive a $100 BSA Supply Group gift card for correctly guessing the answer in our September-October 2015 contest, “Beacon of Light.” Out of the 508 entries we received, he was one of many who correctly identified Marblehead Lighthouse State Park in Marblehead, Ohio.

Congratulations, Daniel!

Photo: Istock by Getty Images.