15,000 Arrowmen in town means big business for nearby Domino’s Pizza

David Cesarini knows when the shows let out at the 2015 National Order the Arrow Conference, and he’s not even an Arrowman. He’s the manager of the Domino’s Pizza that serves Michigan State University.

After the NOAC shows end around 10 p.m., his store is flooded with orders from Arrowmen staying in the dorms.

NOAC means big business for Cesarini’s Domino’s Pizza location. And because he believes in Scouting, he’s donating 15 percent of his profits from NOAC orders back to the Order of the Arrow.

Cesarini has brought in extra staff this week to accommodate the rush of orders. It’s not that he isn’t equipped to handle this much traffic. This is a college campus, after all. It’s that the ordering times are usually spread out more throughout the night.  

“For us, we’re used to having that many students on campus,” he told me by phone. “But we know their buying patterns. This week, the shows get out, and the whole world orders at the same time.”

He said the Arrowmen have been patient if their order takes a little longer to arrive. Even if there’s a delay between placing the order and making the pie, the pizzas are always hot. They’re delivered right after they come out of the oven, he said.

Cesarini has fulfilled 300 orders from Arrowmen in the conference’s first three days. But instead of just enjoying the profits, Cesarini, a former Boy Scout, is actually giving back to Scouting.

Arrowmen who use the code NOAC when ordering (at his North Harrison Road location only) get 15 percent off their order. Plus, Cesarini will donate 15 percent of the proceeds from all NOAC orders back to the Order of the Arrow.

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That’s $800 back to the OA so far, and there are still two more days of the conference left. There’s no show tonight, so Cesarini is looking forward to the orders being more spread out through the evening and into the wee hours of Friday morning.

Just in case, though, he has called the managers of other stores in the area to have them on standby.

By the way, if you’re at NOAC and in need of some delicious pizza, give Cesarini’s store a call at 517-351-7100.

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