Video: Scott Lagasse gives us a tour of his NASCAR truck

Scott Lagasse Jr. is as real as it gets.

The NASCAR driver is a big supporter of Scouting. He races with BSA and STEM Scouts logos on his cars and trucks. He makes local news when he drops Cub Scouts off at school in his race car. He let Scouts build a car for him at the 2013 National Jamboree. To the shock of some of his competitors, he even drove the Scout-built car in a real race — and won!

This week Scotty is at the BSA’s National Annual Meeting in Atlanta. Instead of taking the week off, he’s meeting BSA volunteers and professionals to find out how he can use BSA racing to extend our Scouting reach to more young people. He’s willing to put in a ton of extra effort to use his skills on the track to steer more kids toward packs, troops and crews.

Did I mention he’s a genuinely great guy?

I stopped by to say hi and check out his ride. Scotty said professional race car drivers — himself included — often bring a show car to public events. Not this time. This time he brought the real thing.

Scotty and Team SLR are displaying the actual truck he raced in Kansas a couple weeks back. Don’t believe him? Just check out the damage to the car’s tail end and the sandblasting on its nose.

I made a quick video with Scotty that you can watch below. And you can learn more about Team SLR at this link.

A reminder about BSA racing

The program is a royalty-free arrangement, meaning that thanks to the generous support of Dale Coyne Racing, IndyCar, and Scott Lagasse Racing, there’s no cash investment from the BSA.

Instead, in return for the support from those three groups, the BSA lists them as national sponsors in its promotional materials — that’s it. It’s the kind of relationship where everyone sees the checkered flag.

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