Thermacell lantern makes your campsite a no-fly zone for pests


Camping’s great. Bugs? Not so much.

To keep the biters at bay on your next Scouting outing, you can douse yourself with DEET or hide under a mosquito net — or you can fire up your Thermacell Camp Lantern.

The $60 lantern packs enough light — 300 lumens, to be exact — to let you and your fellow Scouts and Scouters play cards, finish setting up camp, read or just sit around chatting long after sundown.

But this lantern has another trick up its sleeve: It creates a 15-foot force field against mosquitoes, black flies and no-see-ums. Yes, unlike most sources of light that attract bugs, this one actually keeps them away.

It uses D batteries and will run for 50 hours on its highest setting before you need to pop in new ones — that’s plenty for a Cub Scout overnighter, a weekend at the state park with your troop or a canoeing trip with your Venturers.

Go here to learn more and pick one up for your next Scouting adventure.

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