Eagle Scout to compete on NBC’s ‘American Ninja Warrior’ on May 25

jackson-meyerHe has completed Scouting’s toughest test, and now we get to see whether Eagle Scout Jackson Meyer can complete TV’s toughest test.

Meyer, an Eagle Scout from Seaside, Ore., will compete in the May 25 episode of American Ninja Warrior on NBC.

And here’s the cool part: He received permission from NBC and the BSA to compete while wearing his BSA field uniform (unofficially known as the “Class A”).

Meyer even appears wearing his uniform in this trailer for the new season, saying “I’m an Eagle Scout.”

American Ninja Warrior, in case you haven’t seen it, is an obstacle-course competition where contestants are timed as they jump, climb, run and swing to the finish line. One slip, and you’re out, so many start the course but few finish it.

Meyer, who earned Scouting’s highest honor in Troop 642 of the Cascade Pacific Council, told his BSA district’s online blog that he was impressed by how supportive his fellow competitors had been during filming in Venice Beach, Calif. He said the course seems larger than it appears on TV.

Meyer couldn’t say how he fared on the show, but he said he never even imagined he’d even be accepted as a competitor. He sees a lesson in that for others to “apply and try” at anything in life.

He has followed his own advice so far. He’ll graduate from Oregon State University in June with degrees in fisheries and wildlife as well as zoology.

And on May 25 he’ll make his TV debut. Watch and cheer for Jackson Meyer at 8 p.m. (7 p.m. Central) on May 25 on NBC.


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