In Merit Badge Madness, you vote as your favorites battle it out

Maybe you’ve spent every waking second agonizing over your NCAA tournament bracket.

Or maybe the idea of deciding who will win a basketball game between Louisiana State and North Carolina State has as much appeal to you as cleaning out your troop’s trailer.

Either way, the Boy Scouts of America today debuts a bracket no Scout or Scouter should miss.

Introducing Merit Badge Madness, a fun chance for you to decide which merit badge will be crowned the champion.

Voting takes place exclusively on Instagram. Follow the Boy Scouts of America on Instagram, and beginning today and continuing over the course of the next few weeks you’ll weigh in as merit badges go head to head.

After each matchup, the winning merit badge moves on until only one merit badge remains.

No West, South, East and Midwest divisions here. The merit badges have been split into four categories or “regions”: Eagle-required, Outdoor, STEM and Career.

Will an Eagle-required merit badge eek out a victory? Will STEM be supreme? Can an Outdoor badge outlast the others? Or will a Career merit badge carry home the crown? Only you — and your fellow Scouters and Scouts — can decide the victor.

Ready to vote? Make sure you follow the BSA on Instagram so you don’t miss out on any rounds of voting.

And may the best merit badge win.

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