Missed the Cub Scout webcasts? Here’s how to get up to speed


Thousands of your fellow Scouters watched the Cub Scout webcasts last weekend, and in doing so they left with a greater knowledge of the incredible changes coming to Cub Scouting this year.

Couldn’t tune in? No worries.

Use the links below to view the webcasts at your convenience. In half an hour, you’ll get up to speed on the new Cub Scout program and learn some recommended next steps.

I thought the webcasts were enjoyable and informative. They kept the focus where it belongs: Making the Cub Scout experience meaningful and fun for boys.

Here’s how to watch the webcasts and what to do after you watch.

Watch the Cub Scout webcasts


Next steps

  • Find roundtable content, handouts, requirements and tons of Cub Scout content at the BSA’s useful Program Updates page.
  • Begin unit annual planning now. All of the information needed, including requirements, are available now at that same Program Updates page.
  • Stay in touch with your roundtables, and know that even more supplemental information is coming. Don’t wait to plan, though!
  • Don’t keep this info to yourself. Please share what you know with your fellow Scouters. If you’re a district- or council-level volunteer or professional, please spread the word.
  • Watch for program materials coming May 1 in English and Spanish. They’ll be available in Scout shops and online.

Attendance numbers

So how many Scouters gave up part of their Saturday to watch the webcasts? Tens of thousands.

I’m told there were more than 17,300 connections to the webcasts throughout the day, but the real number of viewers is exponentially higher.

That’s because several groups of Scout leaders gathered at watching parties. A group of three or five Scouters gathered together around a computer counts as just one connection.

Tip of my cap

Congrats to the entire team behind these great webcasts, including volunteers Nancy Ferrell, Ken King, and Linda Vaughn and professionals Bob Scott and Darin Kinn.

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