Tuesday Talkback: Share your troop meeting schedule

Tuesday-TalkbackThe opening ceremony opens the meeting, and the closing ceremony closes it. That much is obvious.

I’m more interested in all the fun, productive, impactful moments that happen in between those two ceremonies. No two troops are alike, and no two troop meetings are alike.

Yes, the boys plan and run troop meetings, but Scouters see it all from our comfy chairs in the back of the room. So share what you see!

For today’s Tuesday Talkback, please leave a comment with your troop meeting schedule. You can be specific — with exact times and details about who does what — or vague. Either way, thanks for sharing.

I’m always interested in how units run meetings, and I’m sure my fellow Scouters feel the same way.

Photo: Richmond, Va., Troop 737 shows how boy-led meetings are done.

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